Israeli court sentences Jerusalemite to 17 years

Tareq Duwaik 17 y jail

Israel’s Lod District Court sentenced a 24-year-old Jerusalemite detainee, Tareq Duwaik, to 17 years of imprisonment.

Head of the families of Jerusalemite prisoners committee, Amjad Abu Asab, said in a press statement that captive Duwaik was also fined 80,000 shekels during the court hearing on Monday morning.

Detainee Duwaik was convicted with attempted murder against settlers as he carried out an anti-occupation stabbing attack on October 13, 2015 north of Tel Aviv. The stabbing attack led to some injuries among Jewish settlers, Abu Asab pointed out.

Prisoner Duwaik was brutally beaten by settlers after the attack and, as a result, was seriously injured, he said, adding that Duwaik had to stay in hospital for a long time to heal from his injuries.

(Source / 02.10.2017)

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