4 Palestinian prisoners report beatings in Israeli custody

4 Pal's beaten

Four Palestinian prisoners have been violently beaten in Israeli detention in recent days, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS) said Thursday.

The four detainees were arrested on September 12.

Youssef Zaqaziq, 27, was arrested detained from his family house in Beit Umar south of al-Khalil and violently beaten in Israel’s Etzion detention center.

Zaqaziq told the society’s lawyer Jaclyn Fararjah that he was beaten all over his body with rifle butts in front of his family members. His brother was also attacked during the raid.

The lawyer reported that he was beaten till his body was all bruised.

He was denied medical treatment, she added.

The prisoner Jalal Khamoor, 32, was also assaulted and severely beaten with rifle butts after Israeli forces violently stormed and searched his family house.

The two prisoners Baraa Thawabta, 19 and Mohamed Thwabta, 19, both from the village of Beit Fujar in Bethlehem, were also subjected to similar attack during their detention.

(Source / 14.09.2017)

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