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Israel extends Sheikh Raed Salah’s detention

For the second consecutive time

Sheikh Raed Salah detention extended

The Israeli Magistrate court extended on Wednesday morning detention of head of the Islamic Movement in 1948 occupied Palestine, Sheikh Raed Salah, for the second consecutive time, in order to question him on the allegations of inciting terrorism and violence and supporting a banned organization.

In an interview with the PIC, lawyer Khaled Zabarqa said that the court’s decision has no legal basis.

The court’s extension is political par excellence and aims at keeping Sheikh Salah away from the social, national, and religious activities, Zabarqa added.

On August 15, Sheikh Salah was rounded up by Israeli police from his home in Umm al-Fahm.

He was held since then in solitary confinement amid inhuman detention conditions.

Israeli police claimed that Sheikh Salah was detained for questioning under caution regarding suspicions of “incitement and supporting the actions of a banned and outlawed organization,” referring to the Islamic Movement.

The Israeli government banned the Islamic Movement in November 2015 under the pretext that it carries out provocative actions against Israel.

Sheikh Salah has earlier said that his arrest was part of the Israeli targeting of Palestinian leaders in the 1948 occupied Palestinian territories.

They aim at keeping the media busy with the issue of his arrest rather than with the charges brought against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he clarified.

(Source / 06.09.2017)


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