Khudari asks UN to establish Gaza emergency fund

Gaza emergency fund

MP Jamal al-Khudari, head of the Popular Committee against the Siege, asked the UN to launch Gaza emergency fund in order to overcome the deterioration of the humanitarian conditions in the blockaded Gaza Strip due to the decade-long Israeli siege on the coastal enclave and the aggravating crises.

“The Emergency fund should not be affected by any political disputes or occupation measures in consistence with the role of The United Nations and its principles, the Geneva Convention and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights”, Khudari said, in a press release on Friday.

He called on Palestinian civil organizations to back up the idea and asked Arab and Muslim countries as well as the international community to effectively contribute to the fund.

Khudari highlighted that the Israeli ongoing siege which has been in force for over ten years and the Israeli three military attacks on Gaza as well as the consequences of the internal division have led to the complicated humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip.

(Source / 25.08.2017)

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