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Concerns over Israeli intent to rescind Jordan’s sovereignty over Aqsa

Jordan and Al-Aqsa

Fatah leader Hatem Abdul Qader warned Monday of Israeli intents to rob Jordan of its sovereignty over al-Aqsa Mosque—the third holiest site in Islam.

Abdul Qader’s remarks were released in response to an Israeli demand urging Jordan to hand over a list of newly-appointed guards at al-Aqsa.

According to the Fatah leader, Israel’s meddling in al-Aqsa’s administrative affairs dovetails underway schemes to impose a new fait accompli on al-Aqsa and grab hold of the site.

King Abdullah II of Jordan is expected to pop in Ramallah on Monday, in the first such visit since 2012. The stopover comes a few weeks after tension has reached a zenith at al-Aqsa Mosque and also after two Jordanian nationals were killed in the Israeli embassy in Jordan by an Israeli security guard.

(Source / 07.08.2017)


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