7 students killed since beginning of this year

Image of a Palestinian youth being arrested by Israeli forces [Mohamar Awad/Apaimages]

Image of a Palestinian youth being arrested by Israeli forces

The Ministry of Higher Education issued its bi-annual report yesterday on the Israeli occupation’s violations against the education process, in which it documented its violations since the beginning of the current year.

The report documented the killing of 7 students and the wounding of over 284 students, teachers, and employees. In addition to this, 170 students were arrested, 4 were put under house arrest, including a school principle, and 27 teachers and administrators were arrested. Furthermore, 634 students and 183 teachers were detained.

The report revealed that the occupation sent orders to stop construction, demolition orders, etc. to 8 schools.

According to the ministry, the occupation’s measures and violations led to the complete disruption of study in 3 schools, as well as partial disruption of study in 9 other schools. The report also noted that the occupation’s actions led to the loss of 1.516 classes due to the closure of checkpoints, raids, and suspending school to hold religious celebrations for the settlers.

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52 schools were subject to various attacks and violations, totalling 172 violations, including the occupation soldiers firing sound bombs and tear gas in the school courtyards, leading to fear and panic amid the students.

The Minister of Higher Education, Sabri Saydam called on local and international human rights and media organisations to intervene and take immediate action to protect education and expose the occupation’s aggressive measures.

(Source / 02.08.2017)

Kushner: ‘There may be no solution’ to Israel-Palestine conflict

Kushner: ‘There may be no solution’ to Israel-Palestine conflict

Leaked audio of Jared Kushner reveals he thinks ‘there may be no solution’ in Middle East

Jared Kushner, senior adviser to US President Donald Trump, has expressed doubt as to whether the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be solved, according to leaked comments released yesterday.

Kushner, who has been charged with spearheading the Middle East peace process, made the comments during an off the record lecture to congressional interns. In the recording obtained by Wired, he can be heard saying that he did not think the Trump administration offered anything “unique” in dealing with the conflict.

And there may be no solution, but it’s one of the problem sets that the president asked us to focus on

he said.

Kushner also expressed support for the installation of metal detectors at entrances to Al-Aqsa Mosque, a decision which caused widespread protests and resulted in clashes with Israeli occupying forces that killed seven people and injured thousands before the authorities relented.

“I have tried to look at why people haven’t been successful in the negotiations, so I looked and studied all the different negotiations,” he said. “I spoke to a lot of people who have been part of them, and I think the reason why, is that this is a very emotionally charged situation.”

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“Look at what happened this past ten days [Al-Aqsa crisis] – a lot of seemingly logical measures taken on the different [unintelligible] part somehow became a little bit incendiary.”

He also lamented the press treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a family friend Kushner has known since childhood and who he refers to with his nickname Bibi.

“Bibi was getting beaten up by the press in Israel, because that was very politically unpopularfor him to do,” he said, describing the reaction to Netanyahu’s decision to remove the security measures.

Last month, the US revealed their “deal of the century” for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; it ruled out the two-state solution as an answer to the crisis, instead giving Jordan and Egypt control of the West Bank and Gaza respectively.

(Source / 02.08.2017)

Israeli court shelves complaint filed against Gaza power cutback

Power cutback Gaza

At the behest of the attorney general, the Israeli high court of justice on Tuesday postponed its hearing on a petition filed by international human rights groups demanding an end to Israel’s reduction of electricity supply to the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

Lawyer Khaled Dusouqee, who filed the petition on behalf of French and Swedish human rights groups, stated that the Israeli attorney general submitted a request asking for postponing the hearing to give the government some time to discuss the issue and provide a response.

Dusouqee added that the court judge delayed the hearing for two weeks and demanded the Israeli government to respond to the complaint filed by the organizations before the end of this period, otherwise it would issue a final judgment on the case.

Israel decided last June to shrink the amount of electricity supply to Gaza at the request of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Accordingly, electricity provided for Gaza through Israel’s cross-border power lines have been decreased from 120 to 48 megawatts.

(Source / 02.08.2017)

Report: 96 Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists in July

96 violations against Pal journo's

The Committee to Support Palestinian Journalists issued a new report on Wednesday documenting Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists over the past month.

The report said that 96 violations were committed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) against Palestinian journalists, while PA forces committed 17 violations.

The report noted that July 2017 has witnessed the biggest number of violations against Palestinian journalists and media institutions.

The IOF violations will never deter journalists from exposing Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people and holy sites, the committee underlined.

The committee called for wider support for Palestinian journalists on various platforms, urging the International Federation of Journalists to provide protection for freedom of expression in the occupied Palestinian territories.

(Source / 02.08.2017)

Palestinian arrested after allegedly stabbing Israeli man

Palestinian man arrested

A 19-year-old Palestinian Wednesday was arrested and taken for investigation after allegedly stabbing an Israeli man in Tel Aviv, Israeli police claimed.

The police said that a resident of al-Khalil city, south of West Bank, stabbed an Israeli man in Yavne area in Tel Aviv, leaving him with serious injuries.

Earlier Tuesday, member of Israeli Likud Party MK Nava Boker proposed a bill which supports the death penalty for Palestinians who are involved in anti-occupation attacks.

(Source / 02.08.2017)

Gaza: Factions call for reforming the PLO

Reforming PLO

Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip have called for necessarily reforming the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and achieve a real national reconciliation.

This came during a workshop organized in Gaza City by the Palestine Institute for Strategic Studies under the theme: “A national vision to advance the Palestinian project.”

The participating factions were Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Fatah, and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

In his speech, senior Hamas official Salah al-Bardawil said the PLO had sustained many flaws over the years, stressing the need to restructure it and allow others to join it.

“The Palestinian Authority has to understand the limits of its mission, refrain from flouting its people’s options, and abide by the democratic choice as well as the law it has made,” Bardawil stated.

For his part, senior Islamic Jihad official Mohamed al-Hindi stressed the need for having a clear vision of the Palestinian national project and adopting the armed resistance as the only means to liberate Palestine.

He also called for rearranging the internal Palestinian house and rebuilding the PLO to include other factions.

Other speakers also reiterated the need to reform the PLO and end the monopoly on its membership.

(Source / 02.08.2017)

Israeli policemen arrest Palestinian after assaulting him inside Aqsa

Mohamed Abu Subaih

Israeli police officers on Tuesday physically assaulted a Palestinian from the holy city of Jerusalem inside the Aqsa Mosque compound and rounded him up.

The young man, who was identified as Mohamed Abu Subaih, was beaten and subdued by policemen at the Mosque.

According to eyewitnesses, Abu Subaih was taken roughly to a police outpost at the Tankiziyya School near the Mosque before he was transferred to a main police station in Jerusalem and locked up there.

The eyewitnesses did not state the reason that led to his detention and exposure to physical violence at the hands of police officers.

(Source / 02.08.2017)

Israeli police jail Jerusalemite citizen administratively

Rani Orabi

The Israeli occupation police on Tuesday summoned a Palestinian young man from the Old City of Jerusalem and handed him an administrative detention order issued against him.

A local source told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that the order was issued by Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman against Rani Orabi, adding that he was detained on the same day and transferred to jail to start serving four months in administrative detention.

Orabi had been detained last week and released on bail on Monday.

Administrative detention is a procedure that allows the Israeli authorities to hold Palestinian prisoners indefinitely on alleged secret information without filing indictments against them or allowing them to stand trial.

Over the years, Israel has held thousands of Palestinians in administrative detention, for periods ranging from several months to several years.

(Source / 02.08.2017)

IOF storms Deir Abu Da’if town in Jenin

Deir Abu Da'if stormed

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed on Tuesday evening Deir Abu Da’if town, east of Jenin in the West Bank, and set up a roadblock leading to another nearby town.

Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that Israeli troops aboard military vehicles entered neighborhoods in the town and interrogated several residents.

The IOF also set up a makeshift checkpoint on the road between Deir Abu Da’if and Arranah, intercepted vehicles and checked the IDs of passengers.

(Source / 02.08.2017)

47 Administrative detention orders against prisoners including MP

47 administrative detention orders incl MP

Palestinian Prisoner Society revealed on Tuesday that Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) have lately issued 47 administrative detention orders against Palestinian detainees including MP Hassan Yousef.

The Society stated that the IOA extended the illegal detention orders, with no charges or trials, to three months against MP Yousef, deputy on the Change and Reform Bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council. He was arrested on October 20, 2015 right from his home in Beitunia town in Ramallah. MP Yousef served over 18 years of imprisonment in different Israeli jails.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Society pointed out that 13 out of the 47 orders were issued against new detainees who were arrested for the first time or rearrested after being released from previous imprisonments. Some 34 captives were issued renewal orders to new terms of the illegal administrative detention.

(Source / 02.08.2017)