15 Palestinians dead, 1,400 wounded in recent events over Aqsa

15 Palestinians killed and 1400 injured

15 Palestinian citizens were killed and about 1,400 others suffered injuries during the events that took place recently in Jerusalem and other areas of Palestine over the Aqsa Mosque between 14 and 28 July, according to Palestinian statistics released on Friday.

The statistics, which were prepared by Palestinian journalists in the West Bank, showed that the fatalities and injuries among citizens happened mostly during clashes with Israeli military and security forces in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The statistics included the three young men from Umm al-Fahm city who shot dead two Israeli policemen on July 14. Their shooting attack and the resultant Israeli closure of the Aqsa Mosque led to the subsequent events that continued till Friday, July 28.

Accordingly, the number of Palestinian martyrs, since the outbreak of the Jerusalem intifada (uprising) in early October 2015, has increased to 345 people, including 83 children under age 18 and 32 women and girls.

70 of those martyrs are from different areas of Jerusalem, 10 from the 1948 occupied lands, 50 from the Gaza Strip, four Arabs from other countries, and 211 from the West Bank.

13 bodies of Palestinian martyrs are still being held by the Israeli security authorities, according to the statistics.

(Source / 29.07.2017)

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