Thousands protest Israel’s destruction and land grab policy in Negev

Protest against home demolition and land grab policy

Thousands of Palestinian citizens on Thursday participated in a protest against Israel’s home demolition and land grab policy in the Negev.

The participants rallied outside the headquarters of the Bedouin Development Authority, an affiliate of the Israeli government, in Beersheba city.

“This demonstration was staged to raise the voice of the Negev loudly and vociferously against the systematic policy of displacement, ethnic cleansing and demolition that targeted over 2,000 Palestinian homes in the Negev over the past two years, not to mention the seizure of about 300,000 dunums of land,” head of the Arab Democratic Party Taleb al-Sanea told Quds Press.

“Our right to obtain homes, have our villages recognized, live in dignity and honorably in our homeland, and build on the land of our fathers and forefathers is legitimate and sacred,” Sanea added.

Nearly 240,000 Palestinian Bedouins with Israeli documents live in the Negev desert and more than half of them still live in some 40 villages and hamlets with no access to services because the Israeli authorities do not recognize them.

(Source / 28.07.2017)

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