Gaza exposed to medical terror

That state terrorism was linked to the occupiers of Palestine and East Jerusalem and the under siege coast enclave Gaza has meanwhile been deployed to various media and politicians, but that this has extended with medical terror is likely to be new and possibly difficult to understand to many.

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Hospitals in Gaza are almost without materials and electricity is hardly running because the Palestinian Authority agreed with its occupier to reduce the supply of electricity to Gaza. Gaza has been in the dark for 30 hours without power and after that get some for 2 hours.

In addition to the lack of materials and power, the Palestinian Authority (PA) decides every time when there are medical questions from Gaza to allow patients to go to better equipped hospitals outside Gaza to thwart this. Due to the rigid, rude and inhuman attitude of the PA, there have been already 18 Palestinians – their own people – died in the past few weeks of diseases that would otherwise be treated. The last victim was a six-day-old baby with heart problems. The PA is trying to dismantle Gaza with its occupier completely and to ensure that it is grimed out of the world map. Gaza patients are subordinated to other Palestinians and have no right to decent health care.

Meanwhile, the same occupying power is in the process of expropriating Palestinian land in the West Bank or simply snitching to expand illegal settlements and set up new ones. This is also done with great speed in occupied East Jerusalem.

But the Palestinians in the West Bank have big problems because certain areas of drinking water are denied by the Mekorot organization, the national water company of occupying power. The area around Salfit is sealed off completely from drinking water and therefore the locals have to buy water that is supplied with trucks by coarse money. The normal drinking water is used for residents of the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

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In addition, 19 sick Palestinian prisoners are denied and neglected certain medical treatments in Ashkelon and Ramla Detention Centers. This neglect goes even so far that prisoner Muhammad Abrash had to be amputated a part of his leg and probably follows more. At prisoner Moussa Sawfan, lung cancer has been detected and one third of the lung has already been removed and more will follow. The situation for these prisoners is getting worse by the day.

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