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Jerusalem Governor: Work ongoing to reopen Al-Aqsa

Zio forces al-Aqsa

Israeli forces take security measures at Al-Aqsa compound after closing the mosque on 14 July 2017

Governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Al-Husayni said today “calls are ongoing in order to pressure Israel to back down from its decision to close Al-Aqsa Mosque and ban Friday prayer in it.”

Al-Husayni told the Anadolu Agency: “The PA and Jordanian governments are contacting international parities to pressure Israel to reverse its decision to close the mosque and prohibit Friday prayer in Al-Aqsa.”

He expressed his hopes that the talks “end in success because the decision to close the mosque and ban prayer is dangerous and cannot be ignored.”

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Al-Husayni warned against “Israeli attempts to impose a status quo in Al-Aqsa Mosque by taking advantage of what happened this morning,” referring to clashes at the site which led to the death of three Palestinians and two Israeli occupation soldiers.

We are hearing statements from Israeli officials regarding their intention to impose new measures, and this is something we reject and condemn.

Firas Al-Dabs, from Al-Awqaf’s media office, told the press: “The Israeli police have detained the mosque’s guards since this morning.”

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, Mufti of Jerusalem, called on the Palestinians to perform Friday prayers in Al-Aqsa despite Israel’s decision to close the mosque.

This will be the first time since 1969 that the mosque has been closed during Friday prayers.

(Source / 14.07.2017)


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