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Gaza power plant resumes work after receiving fuel supplies

Gaza power plant works

The energy authority in Gaza announced on Thursday that the power plant resumed its work and started to operate some of its turbines after Egypt allowed in new shipments of paid fuel.

After the Egyptian authorities repaired one of its cross-border power lines in Rafah and the power plant in Gaza resumed its power generation, there would be gradual improvement in supplying homes and facilities with electricity again, according to the energy authority.

One of Egypt’s three power lines that provide Gaza with 27 megawatts of electricity was already back on in Rafah.

The Energy authority in Gaza said it is doing its utmost to ease the electricity crisis with the existing fuel supplies and the other power sources.

Earlier, the electricity supply to Gaza’s two million residents dropped to unprecedented lows, with blackouts lasting for more than 24 hours, the besieged territory’s power distribution company said Thursday, prompting fears of a humanitarian and environmental crisis.

The Palestinian enclave needs at least 400 megawatts of power a day, but only 70 megawatts were available as of late Wednesday, when Gaza’s power plant shut down after fuel shipments from Egypt were interrupted following an armed attack in the Sinai last week.

(Source / 14.07.2017)


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