Darkness, pollution, diseases, poverty and unemployment suffocate Gaza, The humanitarian situation about to explode

Urgent appeal

Darkness, pollution, diseases, poverty and unemployment suffocate Gaza.

The humanitarian situation about to explode

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) address urgent appeal to the International Community, UN Secretary General, the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions, United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, the Arabic League, Arab brothers, especially Egypt, all humanitarian institutions, to take serious action immediately, in order to put an end to the humanitarian catastrophe that lead Gaza Strip into catastrophic fate, where there is a lack in the simplest requirements of human dignity, especially in light of the deterioration in human rights situation, and the continuing crisis of power outages in this hot summer, in addition to lack of operational budgets for all constructors and service institutions, also lack and decline in health and human services, because of the occupation and the siege first, secondly because of the internal Palestinian divide, thirdly that the international community failed to meet its moral and legal obligations.

The problem of patients has worsened, especially those suffering from serious and chronic illnesses, beside the lack of medicine and disability to get medical treatment and transfers, which resulted in the death of 17 patients, where the pollution of the environment especially the pollution of Gaza’s sea due to the continuous flows of sewage into the sea, and the continued drinking water crisis causes many deadly diseases, particularly since 90% of Gaza’s water is not safe to drink, while power supply declined to only two hours a day.

Poverty rates increased rapidly to reach about 80%, and most of the humanitarian international institutions have declined finance services in Gaza Strip, and lack of food security and loss of the right to adequate housing, because of slowing the reconstruction process, under siege and collective punishment policy pursued by the Palestinian National Authority and Government, such as reducing and cutting the salaries and referring large numbers of employees to retirement, and cutting the salaries of some detainees and families of martyrs and wounded, these procedures indicates the PA  intention to abandon it’s legal and moral obligations towards Gaza Strip people’s.

We are fully aware that the international community, all international and humanitarian institutions, national powers and civil society organizations have full knowledge of the details of the humanitarian disaster engulfing Gaza Strip that deepen both qualitatively and quantitatively, what makes us confused about the reasons for continuing silence and helplessness in the divided political system institutions and of the international community organizations that leave Gaza to the fate of drowning in these humanitarian disasters.

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) express it solidarity and support with the rights of Gaza Strip citizen’s to have free and dignified life, so it appeals all conscience to intervene immediately in order to end the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation for the eleventh consecutive year, and ensure the occupying State obligations which guaranteed in international humanitarian law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention, and to ensure freedom of travel for Palestinians between the West Bank and Gaza, and to ensure freedom of movement of persons and goods with Arab Republic of Egypt.

International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR) urge to put pressure on the PA President and the Palestinian Government to stop the collective punishment imposed on Gaza Strip, in addition to keep the citizen’s rights and freedoms and the employees services away from political disputes, ICSPR demand the governmental institution in Gaza Strip to take realistic procedures to alleviate the impact of humanitarian and services crises to Gaza Strip resident’s.

ICSPR Calls upon the Palestinian forces, Arab Republic of Egypt and the international community to work in order to put an end to the division and achieve national reconciliation, and heading toward the presidential and legislative elections and the National Council to prevent the collapse of the political system and rebuilt it on democratic foundations/participatory framework,  that provide protection and respect for human rights and public freedoms.

Save Gaza before it’s too late, because pressure generates explosions, therefore; ICSPR urge you to take serious actions of solidarity in order to ensure responding to the demands and rights Gaza resident’s, Finally, we hope that you will adopt this appeal or on behalf of your organization, action must be taken urgently, tomorrow may be too late.

(Source / 12.07.2017)

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