Hamas slams the PA disruption of Egyptian fuel imports to Gaza

Hamas vs Abbas about Egypt fuel

Hazem Qassem, Hamas spokesman, said that the efforts of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, to disrupt the supply of fuel from Egypt to Gaza’s Power Plant is a continuation of the policy of collective punishment against our people in the Gaza Strip.

Qassem said in a press statement on Saturday that “Abbas’s anger due to the understandings between Egypt and the delegation of Hamas Movement headed by Yahya Al-Sinwar during his recent visit to Cairo affirms that both the PA and Israel aim at tightening the siege of Gaza.”

He stressed that Abbas’s continuing and systematic attempts to halt these understandings with Egypt “reveal the extent of national betrayal exercised by the leadership of the PA against our people, to achieve personal goals.”

He pointed out that the leadership of the Hamas Movement continues its efforts in all directions to solve the crisis, and is still in contact with brothers in Egypt to discuss various means to ease the siege on the coastal enclave.”

Earlier today, the Gaza Energy Authority announced that two generators had stopped operating at the Gaza Power Plant after Egyptian fuel had stopped coming into the Gaza Strip following the Palestinian Monetary Authority’s (PMA) blockage of all financial transfers to Egyptian banks.

In a brief press release by the Gaza Energy Authority on Saturday, the Authority noted that the arrival of Egyptian fuel to Gaza had stopped two days ago, which impacted the power plant’s ability to operate generators.

He pointed out that work is underway to transfer funds using alternative means to resume the supply of fuel and restart operating the power plant.

(Source / 09.07.2017)

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