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New uprisings expected in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco

Image of violence caused during the Arab revolution [file photo]

Image of protests during the Arab spring revolution

Egypt, Algeria and Morocco will witness mass uprisings by the youth, German newspaper Qantara has warned.

The protests are a result of the failure of the education systems in the three countries which have left the youth lacking the necessary qualifications to obtain jobs or provide their circumstances.

Political researcher Tariq Osman stated in an article published on the news site’s website: “The ruling regimes in the three countries have the support of influential institutions and also have effective tools of coercion and compulsion, which constitute the pillars of relative stability. Despite that, there is a risk of a political earthquake in those countries.”

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He pointed out that the sectors of tourism, construction and agriculture are supposed to be best equipped to integrate these youth but the tourism sector is unlikely to prosper now, especially given the resurgence of armed Islamist movements, which could make North Africa vulnerable to terrorist attacks for years to come.

The uprising may read to the renewal of social unrest as well as the potential of an influx of migrants to Europe.

(Source / 08.07.2017)


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