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Maandelijks archief juni 2017

Palestinian girl shot by Israeli army over anti-occupation stabbing

Palestinian girl shot Mevo Dotan

A Palestinian young lady was shot and injured by Israeli soldiers on Thursday morning after she carried out an anti-occupation stabbing attack in the northern West Bank province of Jenin.

An Israeli soldier was moderately injured in the alleged stabbing attack, carried out at the entrance of the illegal West Bank settlement of Mevo Dotan, built on Palestinian land in Jenin’s town of Yabad.

The female suspect was shot at the scene, near Dotan checkpoint, and, according to medics, is in a critical condition.

Shortly afterwards, the Israeli forces closed off Dotan checkpoint and intensified presence around the alleged stabbing scene.

Over recent months, the Israeli occupation authorities have grabbed hold of hundreds of dunums of Palestinian land south of Yabad in favor of the illegal Israeli settlement of Dotan, sparking furor among the native Palestinian inhabitants.

(Source / 01.06.2017)