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Popular Struggle Coordination Committee condemn IOF arrest of human rights defender & activist Ahmed Odeh

Popular Struggle Coordination Committee condemn Friday evening the  arrest of human rights defender & activist Ahmed Odeh by Israeli occupation forces in Bethlehem.

Popular Struggle Coordination Committee said in press Statement PNN received by email that human rights activist Ahmad Odeh was arrested by Israeli occupation special units Known as under cover” Arabs” or mustarebeen.

Popular Struggle Coordination Committee added that Odeh was arrested when he was trying preventing Israeli solders attacks on children who were arrested by members of the Israeli special units northern Bethlehem.

The committee clarified that the Israeli forces arrested the human rights activist and brutally assaulted him along with the group of children and youth who were arrested in Bethlehem.

Popular Struggle Coordination Committee  called on all local, international human rights organizations to exert pressure on the Israeli government to release human rights defenders and children detained by the Israeli undercover units.

The committee affirmed that it will contact human rights defenders organizations to expose the practices of the Israeli occupation and its crimes against those who defend human rights and condemn Israeli crimes against children.

Israeli occupation forces have arrested six Palestinians during confrontations at northern entrance of  Bethlehem   after a public rally, went out to express solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners who have been on hunger strike for 33 days.

(Source / 19.05.2017)


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