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IOA isolates 88 hunger striking captives in Petah Tikva

Petah Tikva

Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) isolated 88 Palestinian hunger striking detainees in Petah Tikva confinement cells.

The hunger striker prisoner Mansour Shreim, who has been going on open hunger strike for 33 consecutive days, affirmed that the striking captives are subjected to abuse and ill-treatment by Israeli Prison Service.

The lawyer of Detainees and Ex-detainees Committee, Mutaz Shqeirat, quoted captive Shreim as saying that he has lost 18 kilograms and is suffering from fatigue, exhaustion, constant dizziness and difficulty in movement. The isolation cells do not meet humanitarian standards as every four prisoners are held in one dungeon, the lawyer pointed out.

Shreim, who met the lawyer on Thursday evening, revealed that the prison doctor and nurse are, most of the time, not available in the clinic in full disregard to the critical health conditions of the striking detainees.

(Source / 19.05.2017)


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