Forum of Palestinian Women Abroad launched in Beirut

Palestinian Women Abroad

Forum of Palestinian Women Abroad was launched on Friday in Beirut with the participation of over 200 Palestinian women from Europe, Jordan, Turkey, Gulf countries and others.

The Forum which is held on Friday and Saturday comes in response to the recommendations of the Palestinians Abroad Conference that was held in Istanbul last February.

In a statement on Friday, the Forum of Palestinian Women Abroad said that the forum aims at supporting Palestinian women through conducting educational and developmental programs in different fields. It also aims at building cooperation and coordination relations with Arab and international organizations for the sake of serving the Palestinian Question in general and the Palestinian woman in particular.

Head of the Preparatory Committee, Sana al-Serraj, said in her speech at the conference, that the forum is concerned with the issues of Palestinian woman and family as well as conducting researches and studies that support these issues.

(Source / 19.05.2017)

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