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“After the tenth day of hunger strike ,it was very difficult to swallow water” ex-detainee said

By Wafa al-Udaini
GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM Since nearly 1,500 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails declared an open hunger strike on April 17, protesting about harsh and degrading conditions, The freed ex-detainees, Mansour Rayyan started to remember his days during the hunger strike in the Israeli jails.

“the  heroes in the Israeli jails are risking their lives in hopes of gaining their basic rights.” Rayyan said, ” what helps the detainees to continue their hunger strike is their determination, because it’s not easy at  all to risk your live for more than a week ” he added.


The freed ex-detainees, Mansour Rayyan,  a 46-year-old is from Qarawat Bani Hassan in the West Bank. He  spent 20 years in prisons before being released in last year’s prisoner exchange deal, which was between Hamas and the Israeli Occupation. He was deported to the Gaza strip. Rayyan was serving a life sentence. After his release he was blessed with 2 children after his release. He works in AlAqsa channel.

Mansour Rayyan, the freed ex-detainees during the interview

The first day of the hunger strike, I felt hungry at night. In the second day, I  felt pain in my Knees and bones. In the third and fourth day, felt dizzy. Then my body started to get  used to the hunger after the fifth day. In the tenth day, I was very difficult to swallow water. I  hate its taste.

The hardest thing is the fast move. Some of my friends tried to stand but they  fall down”.

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Rayyan had experienced the mass hunger strike more than 2 times. The 2004 hunger strike lasted for 19 days, the strikers gained nothing after that. The 2000 hunger strike lasted for nearly a month but the demands of the strikers were met. They succeeded to get all the detainees out of the solitary confinements , and they allow the detainees  to study in the universities from the jails.   “the jailers use all mean practices to force us breaking our strike, by using the force feeding tactics .” “they assaulted and humiliated us. they grilled meat in front of us.”  .

Rayyan stated ” the  hunger strike is more likely to succeed if to receives solidarity and support from outside the prison.”

(Source / 17.05.2017)


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