Lieberman: We are conducting a new policy against Hamas

Lieberman nieuwe politiek tegen Hamas

Israel’s Army Minister Avigdor Lieberman declared Sunday evening that his country is “conducting a new policy against Hamas in a responsible and determined form” since he came to office in June 2016.

“We are conducting a new policy against Hamas in a responsible and determined form. Anyone who sees our responses will see that this is a responsible and determined policy,” he said in a conversation with his followers on Facebook.

In a live chat, Lieberman was asked about his promise before he was appointed Army Minister to eliminate senior Hamas leader Ismail Haneyyah. “It is wise to progress responsibly,” he answered.

“Speak with me about Haneyyah at the end of my term as Defense Minister,” he proclaimed.

Lieberman’s statements came only few days after the assassination of al-Qassam commander Mazen Fuqaha outside his house in Gaza city by six bullets to the head.

In response to a question about a recent report saying there are 15 tunnels reaching into Israel from the Gaza Strip, Lieberman dismissed the claims, saying “there are not 15 tunnels that cross into Israel.”

“If there are any tunnels at all, there are far, far fewer,” he added.

On the other hand, Lieberman said, when asked about military strategy, that there is no intention to re-occupy Gaza Strip or to establish new settlements there.

(Source / 27.03.2017)

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