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Tunisian MP Qusentini calls for combating Israel’s racism

Sulaf al-Qusentini

Tunisian lawmaker Sulaf al-Qusentini has called for backing every international effort aimed at combating discrimination against the Palestinian people and curb Israel’s crimes and violations against them.

The lawmaker, who is in charge of the political and diplomatic affairs of the Global Campaign to Break the Siege on Gaza, made her remarks on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which is observed annually on March 21.

Qusentini said that Israel’s racism against the Palestinians is “one of the worst and most aggressive forms of discrimination,” citing as evidence the separation wall in the West Bank, the daily crimes committed by Jewish settlers and soldiers against the Palestinians, including women and children, and the inhumane blockade on Gaza.

“The International Day for the Elimination of Discrimination represents an opportunity for all, especially the United Nations system with all its institutions, to renew the commitment to establishing the principles of justice, equality and dignity among the nations,” the Tunisian lawmaker stated.

“We, at the global campaign, announce our solidarity with Rima Khalaf, the executive secretary of ESCWA, and appreciate her position towards the pressures she was exposed to in order to make her revoke the report that considered the Israeli occupation an apartheid regime,” she added.

She called on the UN secretary-general to clarify the request he made for the withdrawal of the ESCWA report on Israel, saying his position was seen as subordination to Israeli pressures, and would lead to great disappointment among the believers in the world peace and feed tendencies for revenge and violence.

(Source / 24.03.2017)


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