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IOA renews house arrest on 73-year-old activist

Abdul Latif Ghaith

The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) renewed on Monday the house arrest on 73-year-old Palestinian human rights activist Abdul Latif Ghaith for the 12th consecutive time.

According to the Israeli order, Ghaith’s travel ban into the West Bank has been once again extended.

Ghaith was first denied entry into the West Bank in 2011.

Ghaith, who is one of the founders of Dameer institution for human rights, is also banned from traveling abroad since 2012 for allegedly posing a threat to “state security”, although no evidence is given to support such claim.

The rights activist spent more than eight years in Israeli jails including a year in administrative detention.

Human rights reports pointed to increasing IOA targeting of Palestinian journalists and human rights activists in recent weeks especially the Jerusalemites.

(Source / 20.03.2017)


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