Syrian Coalition Condemns Int’l Anti-ISIS Coalition Airstrikes on Aljeena Village

The Syrian Coalition condemned the airstrikes launched by the international anti-ISIS coalition on the village of Aljeena in western rural Aleppo on Thursday. The airstrikes left at least 75 people killed and around 100 more wounded.

In a press release issued earlier on Saturday, the Syrian Coalition said the attack targeted people inside a mosque during prayers time. It stressed that perpetrators of the attack must be held accountable as available evidence suggested that the attack was not due to negligence, but was carried out with a view to killing the people gathered inside. The Coalition called for an immediate Investigation into this reprehensible crime.

“The incident has again showed the shortcomings in the strategy of the international anti-ISIS coalition in Syria. It has also given a serious cause for concern about the role of the United States in Syria which risks following in the footsteps of Russia in propping up the Assad regime and avoiding the targeting of the real source of terrorism,” the Coalition said.

“The world must be fully aware that counter-terrorism strategies ignoring the Assad regime and its allied foreign militias will only serve to further fuel terrorism and provide terror groups with a much-needed recruiting tool.”

The Coalition underscored that “unless a decisive action is taken to address the root cause of terrorism, namely the Assad regime, terrorism will continue to spread in the region and beyond.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 18.03.2017)

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