Israeli government deducts 300 million dollars from the PA tax money

Muayad Afaneh

Muayad Afaneh, a Palestinian financial expert, said that the Israeli government deducted 300 million dollars (over a billion shekels) from the Palestinian Authority (PA) tax money under various pretexts.

Quds Press quoted Afaneh as saying, in a workshop held in the chamber of commerce in Tulkarem, that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) deducts 28 million dollars (100 million shekels) annually from the PA tax money as a compensation of stolen vehicles in Israel whether the thieves were known or not.

Afaneh opined that the PA postponement of its general budget to the current year instead of the previous date scheduled in last October is a legal violation by the PA.

(Source / 18.03.2017)

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