PA security forces arrest two Palestinians in the West Bank

PA arresteert in Qalqilya

Palestinian Authority (PA) preventive security forces in Qalqilya arrested on Thursday evening Rafat al-Duwairi and extended the detention order against Mohammad Freij to 15 days for political reasons.

A Palestinian media source revealed that the PA intelligence forces in al-Khalil rounded up Amin al-Sous, an ex-detainee from Doura town in al-Khalil, after he had been summoned for questioning on Thursday.

The same apparatus in al-Khalil continued the arrest of the university student Bara Hmaidat for the eighth day in a row. Meanwhile, the PA preventive security forces in Ramallah maintained the detention of Nidal Erman for the fifth consecutive day, the source added.

(Source / 17.03.2017)

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