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Syrian Coalition Warns of Regime Attempts to Empty Alwaer District of Local Population

The Syrian Coalition has warned that the Assad regime might renege on the ceasefire agreement reached in Alwaer district of Homs and force the indigenous population in the area out.

Member of the Coalition’s political committee Mohammed Jojah on Friday said that Russia is seeking to impose a so-called “reconciliation agreement” on residents of Alwaer having mediated a truce between the Assad regime and rebel fighters in the besieged district.

Joja pointed out that the Russians have openly threatened bombing the district would continue if residents in Alwaer rejected the “reconciliation agreement.”

Jojah stressed that residents of Alwaer reject any kind of reconciliation with the regime, and they certainly refuse to leave their homes. He renewed rejection of local truces the Assad regime and its allies seek to impose in many areas across Syria outside the framework of the political process and negotiations set out by international resolutions on Syria.

Jojah warned that the Assad regime is planning to force residents of Alwaer out of their homes just as it did in other parts of Homs city and the Damascus suburbs with the aim of changing the demographic landscape in Syria. Such practices will have dire consequences on the course of negotiations in Geneva, he added.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 10.03.2017)


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