IOF closes entrance to Nablus village


The Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) closed Saturday morning the entrance to Osarin village southeast of Nablus, restricting its residents’ movement.

Head of the village council Ziyad Adili affirmed that Israeli bulldozers closed this morning the entrance to Osarin village with sand barriers.

He pointed out that the Israeli measure came as part of the IOF’s collective punishment policy imposed against the village following the popular anti-occupation events organized by its locals on weekly basis.

Israel imposes restrictions on Palestinian movement within the West Bank, by erecting dozens of military checkpoints throughout the West Bank.

Israel’s policy results in real hardships and constant uncertainty in people’s daily lives in terms of everyday tasks such as getting to work or school or visiting relatives.

It also reflects the view that freedom of movement is not an inalienable right but a privilege that Israel can choose to bestow or withhold.

(Source / 25.02.2017)

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