Israeli police arrest Bkeirat, a mother and her daughter


Israeli police forces Monday morning arrested three Jerusalemites including Sheikh Najeh Bkeirat and a mother and her daughter.

Head of Jerusalem Committee for Families of Prisoners, Amjad Abu Asab, told Quds Press that Israeli policemen stopped two buses that were heading from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Occupied Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and searched passengers.

The policemen then rounded up Sheikh Bkairat, Head of Manuscripts Department at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Ekram al-Natsheh along with her daughter, Raghad, he added.

All of the passengers were forced to get out of both buses, Abu Asab said, adding that the policemen handed summonses to some of them in order to be questioned in Israeli investigation centers in Occupied Jerusalem, Abu Asab pointed out.

(Source / 20.02.2017)

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