Commemorating the murder …

Sunday, January 29 is the national commemoration of the Holocaust in Amsterdam. During the meeting – with speeches by, among others, Prime Minister Mark Rutte – will be considered by the many people who have been murdered over 70 years ago by the Nazi regime. My view, it should remain a memorial every year.

But what I do not understand is that the world does not remember the many Palestinians who were killed by the Tel Aviv regime and continue to be killed.
In 2014, the Tel Aviv regime has murdered several thousand Palestinians in an attack on Gaza and Palestinians are murdered daily, mostly youngsters. And most stories are invented that Palestinians would carry out an attack. If these stories are not believed, the soldiers or settlers  often also filed a knife next to the murdered Palestinians to let the world believe that the Palestinian was carrying an assault.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mes neergelegd naast palestijn

In 1948 there were expelled around 720,000 Palestinians from their homes, and some of the land was expropriated and became part of the land of the regime in Tel Aviv. And every day we hear increasing the phenomenon of illegal settlements, especially now after Donald Trump became president in America. The regime in Tel Aviv has taken that to understand that they can continue to steal land from the Palestinians. What they also do daily.
The expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 and 1949 by Zionist militias is called the Nakba. This can not be commemorated here in the Netherlands, but other expulsions and attacks on the Palestinians are not part of our commemorative book

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nakba 1948

If the Netherlands commemorates, then only those people commemorated the ‘close people’ with us, but I believe it is now time for the Nakba of ’48 / ’49 and the ethnic cleansing which then has started to include in the agenda of commemorations. It is time the Netherlands commemorates those fallen Palestinians  in defense of their country. Also, it is time that the Netherlands takes the view that the Tel Aviv regime must return back to the 1967 borders and that publicly propagates. That way there would be peace arise, if not, the Palestinians will continue to maintain their opposition to the occupation.

Seventy years after the beginning of the occupation Palestine is still occupied and in the meantime we keep remembering …

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor aanval gaza 2014

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