Steifo Expects Upcoming Astana Meeting Will Shape Role of FSA & Rebel Groups in Political Solution

The upcoming Astana meeting is expected to lead to the formation of a national army having at its core the FSA and mainstream rebel groups participating in the meeting, Vice-president of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Ahad Steifo said.

Steifo pointed out that the Astana meeting due to be held on Monday will help shape the role the FSA and rebel groups are expected to play in the political transition process. He also expected that the FSA and rebel groups participating in the meeting will form a joint committee to monitor the ceasefire. If successful, this committee would lead to a joint military council that would form the basis of a project to establish a national army.

Steifo stressed the important role of the FSA and rebel groups in the launch of a genuine political process, especially after representatives of almost all FSA and rebel groups, including the Southern Front, have announced they would participate in the Astana meeting.

Steifo appeared optimistic about the outcome of the Astana meeting despite the retreat of US from the region and the failure of the international community to find a solution in Syria so far. Agreement between Moscow and Ankara, two major players in Syria, is crucial to putting an end to the suffering of the Syrian people and ending tyranny and dictatorship in Syria.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 21.01.2017)

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