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BDS slams Gulf countries for normalizing with Israeli occupation


BDS Gulf on Monday slammed countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for normalizing with the Israeli occupation, calling for such ties to immediately be severed.

A statement by BDS Gulf said the movement has been keeping tabs with deep concern over underway attempts by a number of GCC countries to normalize with the Israeli occupation.

BDS Gulf condemned normalization and military cooperation with the Israeli occupation, urging Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to cancel all deals struck with Israel.

The statement referred to recent reports that the U.S. approved an arms deal with Qatar which included helmets manufactured by the Israeli Elbit Company based in Haifa, in 1948 Occupied Palestine.

Reports have also emerged on underway preparations by the Abu Dhabi MAR and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Company to manufacture warships for the Israeli occupation navy.

BDS Gulf expressed its deep disappointment over deals struck with Israeli military companies directly involved in the murder of the Palestinian people and in the deadly onslaughts on the blockaded Gaza Strip.

BDS urged the Gulf governments to respect the will of the peoples and sever all ties with the Israeli occupation, including official and unofficial meetings. It further pushed for impeaching all those who violate BDS provisos and policy, boosting the boycott-of-Israel movement, and rescinding all investments involving benefits for/from Israel.

(Source / 03.01.2017)


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