Haneen Zoabi: Israel is Built on Land Theft and Dispossession

Arab MK Haneen Zoabi. (Photo: File)

Haneen Zoabi, an Arab member of the Israeli Knesset, representing the United Arab Bloc said, “Theft and dispossession in the new Israeli law which aims at legalizing settlements in the West Bank is not new, as Israel was build on these two principles.”

Zoabi added in remarks made in a press statement, “Israel has always been a tool in the hands of the Zionist project, but what is new is the Zionist’s project is now in total control of the country’s institutions. The law passed in contrast with a legal opinion by the supreme court and the government’s legal adviser.”

EU strongly opposes Israeli law to legalise 4,000 settler homes in West Bank: https://goo.gl/bDtkoR  | Lucky EU is not evicting Tel Aviv…

Photo published for European Union ‘strongly opposes’ settlement bill

European Union ‘strongly opposes’ settlement bill

The bill, which still needs two more readings in order to become law, retroactively legalizes 4,000 settlers homes on Palestinian property while offering the Palestinian landowners compensation.

According to Zoabi, “what we have today is not precisely the expansion of Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied West Bank, but rather the expansion of the sovereignty of the settlement’s project over Israel and the entire occupied territory.”

Zoabi added that the struggle cannot be won in the Knesset, and the real battle field is on the ground; and the battle for land, freedom and life cannot be won by passing laws, and cannot be won by an oppressive government and its parliament, but rather it is won on the ground.”

Sweden concerned by draft Israeli law which would legalize illegal settlement outposts on Palestinian land. http://www.government.se/statements/2016/11/swedish-statement-on-israeli-decision-on-legalisation-of-illegal-settlement-outposts/ 

The Arab MK concluded her remarks in Arabic saying, “We are facing a major moral and national duty, which is bringing Netanyahu and his gang to the Hague, and to struggle against the Israeli occupation and whoever provides it with aid, and (to ultimately) be victorious over them.”

(Source / 10.12.2016)

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