Zionism; Humanity’s Mortal Enemy

Zionism; Humanity’s Mortal Enemy

By Dr. Elias Akleh

Zionism is a brutal ethnic–cleansing racist colonial ideology developed in 1896 by Theodore Herzl; an Austrian Jew. Its main goal is the establishment of the Greater Israel Project in the heart of the Arab World, extending from the Nile River in Egypt to the Euphrates River in Iraq, as a Jewish-only homeland for what is termed the “Jewish People”.

The majority of world Jewry had adopted this ideology, and with the financial and military help of coerced pro-Zionist Western heads of states; mainly Britain and USA, they were able to accomplish the first phase of this colonial project by establishing the state of Israel on the occupied Palestinian land after the genocide and ethnic-cleansing of a majority of Palestinian Arabs. The second phase; namely the destruction of the neighboring Arab countries; Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and the brutal forceful eviction of inhabitants in the form of the massive refugee crisis, is now in progress.

Zionism, like bolshevism, communism, capitalism, liberalism and all similar ideologies, is a tool created by the Secret World Government; the Hidden Hand, to recruit and manipulate mainly Jews and to pressure Western Christian World to wage long term wars in the Middle Eastern region against the Moslem World in order to generate war financial revenue in their pockets and to gain even more control over the regional rich natural resources such as oil and gas. Even though Zionism has been successful, so far, in gathering the Jews in the colonial state of Israel and in spreading havoc in the Arab World, yet Zionism will prove to be the cause of their ultimate doom in the future if they keep pushing for the end goal of the Zionist ideology; the establishment of Grater Israel Project.

Zionism was invented as a homeless nationalist ideology without a nation. It did not have an identified homeland with a nation. Its main goal is to create an artificial nation out of religious followers, who are alien to each other in language, culture, nationality and even race. This artificial nation is to be militarized and manipulated to control the rich natural resources of the Middle East. Judaism and Jews were selected to be this colonial tool due to the Judaic religious connection to the land.

Zionist ideology was born out of Judaism; a supremacist, racist, manipulative, genocidal religion with a racist discriminative warmongering blood thirsty god (Satan), who demands bloodshed, child sacrifice, total destruction and enslavement of all goyims (non-Jews), and the hording of all gold and silver. Those, who apologetically attempt to separate the two, have not read or understood the Judaic teachings and historical events narrated in the Old Testament and in other Judaic texts.

To recruit reluctant Jews into Zionism anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic) sentiment needed to be intensified to alienate Jews from their countries of birth. Since its inception it was understood that anti-Jewishness and Zionism are inseparable partners. Despite the existence of Jewish ghettos, encouraged by supremacist Jewish Rabbis to keep Jews separated from and un-assimilated within the goyims, many Jews found it more prosperous for them to get out of the ghettos and to be assimilated within the country they live in. Such assimilation had, before WWII, dramatically reduced anti-Jewish sentiments in many countries such as Western European countries including Germany, the Americas, North African Islamic countries and the Arab Middle Eastern countries. Jews, being citizens of the country of their birth, lived relatively in peace and in harmony with the other citizens of the same country. They were not interested in moving to a new country where they would have to die in colonial wars against its inhabitants. Thus Zionist agents had fomented and promoted anti-Semitic attacks against Jews as a means to compel them to “escape” persecution and immigrate to Palestine. Without anti-Semitism pushing Jews to immigrate to Palestine, Zionist project would certainly fail.  Zionist founder Theodor Herzl said:

“It is essential that the suffering of Jews … becomes worse … This will assist in realization of our plans … I have an excellent idea, I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.”

This partnership was recognized by Jewish writers and historians. Benny Morris; the Israeli historian, described in his book “Righteous Victims” how Herzl recognized that anti-Semitism would be harnessed to his own Zionist purposes. Israel Shahak; an Israeli professor in the Hebrew University, describes in his book “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” the close relationship that have always existed between Zionist and anti-Semites exposing the fact that Zionists use the anti-Semites for their own colonial purposes. University faculty professor Allan C. Brownfeld states in his essay “Zionism and Anti-Semitism: A Strange Alliance Through History” the long historical alliance from the end of the 19th century until today between Zionism and anti-Semites.

The danger of Zionism against Jews did not escape Jewish politicians nor Jewish Rabbis. Immediately after Balfour Declaration in 1917 a Jewish Minister in the British Government; Lord Edwin Montagu submitted a memorandum to the British Cabinet as a response to Balfour Declaration and a harsh criticism of Zionism predicting an increase in anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic) sentiments as a result. He described Zionism as “a mischievous political creed, untenable by any patriotic citizen of the United Kingdom.” He also prescribed Zionist organization as “illegal and against the national interest … largely run by men of enemy descent or birth, and by this means have dealt a severe blow to the liberties, position and opportunities of service to their Jewish fellow-countrymen.”Acknowledging the Judaic belief that a Divine leadership is required to form a Jewish nation, he wondered sarcastically “I have never heard it suggested … that either Mr. Balfour or Lord Rothschild would prove to be the Messiah.”

Lord Montagu asserted that there is no such thing as a Jewish nation. A Jewish Englishman is not of the same nation as a Jewish French, Jewish Russian, Jewish Arab or any Jewish citizen of any other country, similar to the fact that a Christian Englishman not of the same nation as a Christian French, Christian Russian, Christian Arab or any Christian citizen of any other country.

He also predicted that declaring Palestine as a Jewish national homeland will increase anti-Jewish (anti-Semitic) sentiment, and “every country will immediately desire to get rid of its Jewish citizens … because we [Jews] have obtained a far greater share of this country’s [and other country’s] goods and opportunities than we are numerically entitled to … we compete unfairly.” Jews will be stripped of their original nationality and become foreign Jews. Having Jews, from different countries with different languages and different cultures, transferred into Palestine would create a Tower of Babel. Palestine will become the world’s largest Jewish Ghetto.

Furthermore Montagu denied that Palestine of 1917 is associated with Jews or is a fit place for them to live in. Although Palestine had played a large part in Jewish history, it also had played a larger part in Christian history, and played even the largest part in Islamic history. A religious test of citizenship is a “bigoted and narrow view of one particular epoch of the history of Palestine” he stated.

Even without stating it specifically in words Montagu predicted the demographic issue; the Palestinian demographic bomb or Israel’s “Palestinian question” similar to Nazi’s “Jewish question”. He indicated that there are (at his time) three times as many Jews in the world as could possibly fit into Palestine even if you drove out (ethnically cleanse) all the Palestinians living there at the time. He questioned if only one third could be transferred into Palestine, then what will happen to the rest of Jews? Who would be the lucky one third? Does this mean that Christian and Moslem Palestinians would make way for all these Jews giving them their land and means of living thus making themselves foreigners in their own country?

Montagu was not aware of the whole Greater Israel Project, and thus could not foresee Zionist expansionist plans and the resulting devastating wars that are happening now in the region.

Many Jewish Rabbis of the time recognized Zionism as the worst enemy of the Jews, opposed it and urged their young followers not to adopt it. In 1922 when a Jewish Agudath Israel organization was spreading Zionist ideology and calling for the colonization of Palestine among European young Jews especially in Poland, Hungarian Orthodox Rabbis, perceiving the threat, published a resolution opposing Zionism and urging their followers not to adopt Zionist colonial plans in Palestine. The resolution was signed by 196 Rabbis from all over the world. Unfortunately, although many Orthodox Jewish organizations initially opposed Zionism, the majority of them turned around due to infiltration, political pressure and financial bribery, and adopted Zionism and supported the state of Israel.

Eventually, Zionists succeeded in establishing the state of Israel. Yet after few decades of constant wars against Arab countries Israel’s Jewish families had lost their initial victorious euphoria and got exhausted and tired of sending their children to war. Immigration to Israel subsided, and young Israelis started abandoning military draft and leaving the country ostensibly seeking further education. The Secret World Government needed to do something drastic to perpetuate its war in the Middle East. Thus the false flag terrorist attack of 911 and other false flag terrorist attacks in Europe were perpetrated and Islamophobia was created in order to recruit the Western Christian world into wars for Israel against Arab/Moslem World. Moreover regime change and terrorism within the Arab World have also been created through what is falsely called Arab Spring; a movement created by Zionized American Administration.  

While American and NATO military forces are fighting Israel’s wars in the Middle East, Israeli government, having more free time, continues violating the many UN Resolutions perpetrating war and humanitarian crimes against the Palestinians, demolishing Palestinian homes and at times complete villages, turning the whole Gaza Strip into a starving concentration prison camp and a military testing ground for Israel’s new weapons, and expanding more colonies (settlements) on usurped Palestinian land among many other numerous crimes. It also continues shipping arms to terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Nusra to continue their destruction of Syria and Iraq.

Yet these Israeli crimes have not gone unnoticed as in the past. Thanks to the internet Israel’s crimes against Palestinians and Arabs, its false flag terrorist attacks against the USA and European countries, its bribery of political officials, and its nuclear Sampson Option threating world peace and blackmailing the Western World to do Israel’s biddings are being exposed to the whole world. According to a 2003 European commission opinion poll 60% of Europeans within 15 countries see Israel, not Iran not North Korea and not USA, as the greatest threat to world peace. Such opinion accompanied with solidarity with the Palestinian cause are on the rise as we witness with the wide spreading of the BDS (Boycott, Divest & Sanction Israel) movement. Zionist secret weapon; anti-Jewishness (anti-Semitism), is on the rise but has been gradually turned around to become anti-Israel instead.

It is also noticeable that some anti-Israeli government sentiment is on the rise among American Jews themselves. Jewish organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Tikkun Olam, Satmar (Jews Not Zionists), Jews Against Racist Zionism, and Neturei Karta International (NKI) are raising their protesting voices against the inhumane policies of the Israeli government.

Yet, one must not be disillusioned by these Jewish organizations. Although they seem to be liberal and humanist, yet supremacist Judaic theology, or at least elements of it, is still ingrained in their Jewish psyche and identity. The fact that they are still calling for the implementation of the already dead and impractical two-state-solution asserting their support for an Israeli state for Jews, whose existence in itself and in any form negates a Palestinian state over the whole Palestine and deny Palestinians’ right of return to their own homes and land.

Abolishing Zionism and returning Palestine to its original owners would not guarantee global peace because the real threat resides in the core of the Judaic teachings that call for the supremacy of the Jews as god’s chosen people and its hatred and enmity to all goyim.

(Source / 09.12.2016)

Saudi to remove Muslim Brotherhood from terrorist lists

Image of Mohamed Morsi (R) and Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud (L) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 11th July 2012 [Apaimages]

Image of Mohamed Morsi (R) and Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud (L) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on 11th July 2012

Saudi Arabia plans to remove the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt from terrorist lists.

The group was banned in the kingdom in March 2014.

Senior-level sources stated that there has recently been discussions and meetings held in London, Riyadh, and Istanbul between Muslim Brotherhood officials and representatives of King Salman Bin Abdulaziz’s government resulting in the possibility of removing the group’s name from the terrorist lists in exchange for understandings between Saudi Arabia and the Brotherhood’s international organisation.

The sources noted that the decision expected to be made soon will be followed by a group of measures including lifting the restrictions imposed on individuals affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood inside Saudi Arabia, unfreezing millions of dollars belonging to the individuals in Saudi banks, and removing any obstacles preventing individuals affiliated with the group from entering Saudi territories.

They added that Egyptian-Saudi relations have been tense since Egypt voted in favour of a Russian project regarding the situation in Syria in the UN Security Council. Saudi Arabia responded to the vote by stopping oil shipments to Egypt. This may have contributed to facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission to normalise relations with Riyadh.

According to the sources, the normalisation of relations between Saudi Arabia and the Brotherhood will not be limited to removing the group’s name from the terrorist lists, but will be followed by political support for the group and the intervention of international parties to impose a reconciliation with the Egyptian government and reintegrate the group into the political scene due to Saudi Arabia’s desire to direct harsh blows to the government.

(Source / 09.12.2016)

Israel renews detention of Palestinian journalist

Image of Palestinian journalist, human rights activist and Addameer media coordinator Hasan Safadi

Image of Palestinian journalist, human rights activist and Addameer media coordinator Hasan Safadi

Israeli authorities yesterday renewed the administrative detention order of Palestinian journalist, human rights activist, and Addameer media coordinator Hasan Safadi for an additional six months.

According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, Israeli forces initially detained Safadi as he crossed the Allenby bridge between the occupied West Bank and Jordan at the start of May, keeping him under Israeli military interrogation for 40 days before sentencing him to six months of administrative detention.

The group said the detention of Safadi represents “the continued attack on Palestinian journalists and media workers”, as several others are also being held in administrative detention.

Israel’s widely-condemned policy of administrative detention allows internment without charge or trial in maximum six-month long renewable intervals based on undisclosed evidence that even a detainee’s lawyer is barred from viewing.

Rights groups have claimed that Israel’s detention policy has been used as an attempt to disrupt Palestinian political processes, notably targeting Palestinian politicians, activists and journalists.

Addameer stated in May that the group “condemns the violations practiced by the occupation forces systematically against human rights activists, and human rights defenders, and journalists.”

“Addameer also denounces the arbitrary detentions against them and others standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people in light of the daily crimes practiced against them by the occupation forces, which violate international human rights and humanitarian laws,” the group added.

According to Addameer, 7,000 Palestinians were being held in Israeli prisons as of October, 720 of whom are being held in administrative detention, including three Palestinian parliament members.

(Source / 09.12.2016)

Human Rights Watch: US May Be Complicit In Saudi War Crimes In Yemen

“The Obama administration is running out of time to completely suspend U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia or be forever linked to Yemen wartime atrocities.”

A man holds a cluster comb fragment after a Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen's capital, Monday, April 20, 2015. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

A Houthi rebel man holds a US-made cluster bomb fragment after a Saudi-led airstrike in Yemen’s capital, Monday, April 20, 2015

Human Rights Watch on Thursday called for an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia over the war in Yemen, and said the United States might be complicit in “atrocities” by supplying bombs.

The New York-based group said more than 160 people were killed in one month, mostly by U.S. bombs sold to the Saudi-led coalition battling Yemen’s Houthi rebels. It said the U.S. arms were supplied after earlier violations had been publicized, and were used in airstrikes in September and October.

“The Obama administration is running out of time to completely suspend U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia or be forever linked to Yemen wartime atrocities,” Human Rights Watch researcher Priyanka Motaparthy said.

A Saudi-led coalition supported by the United States launched an air campaign on behalf of Yemen’s internationally recognized government in March 2015. The year before, the Houthis had seized much of northern Yemen, including the capital, Sanaa.

More than 4,000 civilians have been killed in the conflict, and some 3 million have been displaced. The fighting, along with an air and sea blockade by the coalition, has pushed the Arab world’s poorest country to the brink of famine.

Udai Faisal, who is suffering from acute malnutrition, is hospitalized at Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. Udai died not long after the photo was taken. Hunger has been the most horrific consequence of Yemen’s conflict and has spiraled since Saudi Arabia and its allies, backed by the U.S., launched a campaign of airstrikes and a naval blockade a year ago. (AP Photo/Maad al-Zikry, File)

Udai Faisal, who is suffering from acute malnutrition, is hospitalized at Al-Sabeen Hospital in Sanaa, Yemen. Udai died not long after the photo was taken. Hunger has been the most horrific consequence of Yemen’s conflict and has spiraled since Saudi Arabia and its allies, backed by the U.S., launched a campaign of airstrikes and a naval blockade a year ago

Rights groups have investigated dozens of airstrikes that targeted weddings, busy markets, hospitals, and schools. They have accused the coalition of committing war crimes and called for an international investigation.

The Human Rights Watch report released Thursday included findings from an investigation into an air raid in Arhab, a town north of Sanaa, on Sept. 10 that killed 31 civilians, including several first responders, and wounded more than 40.

HRW said fragments of the weapons used in the attack show they were produced in the U.S. in October 2015, after several rights groups had already reported alleged violations.

Ten days later, warplanes struck a three-story house near a funeral, killing more than 28 civilians and wounding 32 in the Red Sea port city of Hodeida, the group said.

“Governments selling weapons to Saudi Arabia cannot with any credibility rely on either coalition or Yemeni-led investigations to determine whether these weapons are being used against civilians,” Motaparthy said. “The U.S., U.K., and others selling weapons to Saudi Arabia should suspend these sales until unlawful attacks are curtailed and properly investigated.”

(Source / 09.12.2016)

MADA: 31 violations of media freedoms in Palestine during November


November 2016 witnessed an increase in the total number of violations against media freedoms compared to October, Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” documented in its monthly report.

A total of 31 violations were monitored by MADA during November including 27 violations by Israeli Occupation Authorities and four violations by Palestinian security in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The 31 violations monitored in November were considered as serious, the monthly report said.

Over the past month, 28 Palestinian journalists were denied travel from Gaza Strip to the occupied West Bank to cover Fatah Movement’s 7th conference in Ramallah.

Headquarters of four media centers were also stormed and searched during the reported period, MADA said.

The journalist Khaled Maali and photojournalist Nidal Natsheh were also detained during November, while the journalist Omar Nazal’s administrative detention was renewed for a month for the second consecutive time.

(Source / 09.12.2016)

Egypt arrests leading feminist Azza Soliman, human rights groups calling for her immediate release

Women's rights advocate Azza Soliman, also the director of the Center of Egyptian Women Legal Assistance (CEWLA), was arrested by security forces from her home. (AFP/File)

Women’s rights advocate Azza Soliman, also the director of the Center of Egyptian Women Legal Assistance (CEWLA), was arrested by security forces from her home

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) appealed to the Egyptian authorities to “immediately release” women’s rights defender Azza Soliman, who was arrested from her home earlier today in connection to the foreign funding case.

According to CIHRS, this is the first arrest warrant to be issued against an NGO worker in relation to this case.

Soliman who is the Director of the Centre for Egyptian Women Legal Assistance (CEWLA) is currently being investigated in the New Cairo prosecution office by the investigative judge.

“Today’s arrest comes amidst the worst crackdown on the independent human rights movement in Egypt’s history,” CIHRS said in a statement published Wednesday.

Earlier in November, Soliman was banned from travel to Jordan. Airport authorities informed her then that a travel ban was issued against her, not mentioning further details on its reason.

Three other defenders were banned from travel in November, bringing the total to at least 80 “unconstitutional” travel bans imposed against defenders, activists, academics, and figures from the media and political opposition according to a report by CIHRS and the Association for Freedom of Though and Expression.

She was also informed by her bank in late November that her assets were frozen, citing a decision by the judge ruling in the NGO foreign funding case.

Case No. 173, known as the foreign funding case, dates back to 2011 and has accused a number of NGOs of allegedly receiving illegal foreign funding. The case was reopened in March with interrogations against human rights figures including former director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) Hossam Bahgat, director of Nazra for Feminist Studies Mozn Hassan, and director of Arab Network for Human Rights and Information Gamal Eid.

(Source / 09.12.2016)

About 120 civilians killed in by Iraqi airstrikes

In recent months, Iraq, supported by a US-led air coalition, has stepped up a military campaign against Daesh. (AFP/File)

In recent months, Iraq, supported by a US-led air coalition, has stepped up a military campaign against Daesh

Airstrikes on an Iraqi town held by the Daesh militia killed 120 civilians, an Iraqi member of parliament said Thursday.

Some 170 others were injured in the bombing, which took place on Wednesday in the town of Qaim near the border with Syria, lawmaker Fares al-Fares told dpa.

The strikes targeted the main marketplace in the town located about 500 kilometres west of Baghdad.

“We have got information that the air raids were carried out by Iraqi planes,” al-Fares added, without giving details.

Earlier reports estimated that at least 66 people had been killed and 88 injured in the strikes.

In its first comment, the army Thursday acknowledged that Iraqi warplanes had mounted the previous day airstrikes in the town, saying they targeted two Daesh  “hideouts” there.

“The targets had been specified based on accurate intelligence information,” the Joint Operations Command added in a statement.

The military dismissed the reports about civilian deaths in the bombing, saying they were based on Daesh propaganda.

“Our security forces and brave Air Forces are keen on safety and security of citizens, and are determined to liberate them from Daesh terrorism,” the statement said, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

In recent months, Iraq, supported by a US-led air coalition, has stepped up a military campaign to dislodge Daesh from territory the militia seized in a lightning attack in mid-2014.

In October, Iraqi forces started a long-awaited offensive to drive Daesh from its key stronghold of Mosulin the north.

Daesh  has recently suffered military setbacks and lost ground in Iraq and neighbouring Syria.

(Source / 09.12.2016)

Netanyahu wants broader ban on Muslim call to prayer

Worshippers outside of Al Aqsa [file photo]

Worshippers outside of Al Aqsa [file photo]

For the third time, the Israeli Knesset postponed the vote on a bill which would ban the use of loudspeakers for the Muslim call to prayer, Israeli media reported yesterday, noting that the Israeli prime minister wanted the ban not to have time restraints.

According to Israeli newspaper the Jerusalem Post, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, one of the sponsors of the bill, that he wanted to broaden the ban to cover all day, but had been unable yet to modify the text to ensure it excludes Jewish Shabbat sirens.

Before the postponement was decided, Litzman and Member of the Knesset Moti Yogev, from the Jewish Home party, which proposed the bill, agreed to modify the text of the bill so that the ban would apply from 23.00 to 07.00. This way, it would not apply to Shabbat sirens.

“The bill will be brought to a vote after agreements coordinated between its sponsors and the prime minister,” Yogev tweeted.

The Times of Israel reported Israeli TV Channel 2 saying that Netanyahu wanted restore the bill to its original form, namely to have it apply both during the day and night.

(Source / 09.12.2016)

Hundreds of torture complaints against Shin Bet, no investigations

Palestinian minor captured by Israel [file photo]

Hundreds of complaints of torture against Shin Bet agents have produced not a single criminal investigation, according to a report in Haaretz.

Of the 598 complaints filed between 2001 and 2008, every single case was closed by the Israeli authorities without a criminal investigation.

A department within the Ministry of Justice, Mivtan, is responsible for handling such complaints, yet employs just one investigator.

According to Haaretz, “the unit does not interfere with the Shin Bet’s work, even though complainants have reported harsh and prohibited forms of torture – including severe beatings and extensive sleep deprivation.”

The paper adds that while “Mivtan does not reveal how many complaints it receives, only how many inquiries it conducts; however, attorney Efrat Bergman-Sapir of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel said her organisation had submitted more than 1,000 complaints since 2001.”

(Source / 09.12.2016)

Syrian Coalition: Russia Has Not Halted Military Operations in Besieged Eastern Aleppo

An official in the Syrian Coalition denied Russia’s claims that military operations in besieged eastern Aleppo were suspended. Osama Taljou, a member of the Coalition, stressed that “military operations by the Assad and Russian forces on Aleppo has continued without a pause.” He said that intense shelling targeted the neighborhoods of Sheikh Saeed and Jub Aljalabi in eastern Aleppo, alongside attempts by regime forces and the Iranian-backed foreign militias to advance into the two neighborhoods.

Taljou called upon the United Nations to issue a binding resolution demanding a halt to the bombardment on civilians, calling for pressure on Russia to stop its support for the regime’s terrorist attacks that caused the death of over 1,000 civilians in Aleppo in the past three weeks.

Head of the Coalition’s legal committee Haitham Maleh said that Russia continues to unashamedly lie to Syrians and the international community. He stressed that Russia has sided with the Assad regime form the start because both the regimes in Damascus and Moscow have the same mafia-like mentality.

“Russia is denying the Syrians their right to self-determination by consolidating its hold on Syria,” Maleh said. He added that for Moscow, the end justifies the means, noting that Russia and the Assad regime are determined to carry on with their terrorist attacks on Aleppo and other Syrian towns and cities.

Member of the Syrian Coalition Kifah Murad said that Russia will not halt its military operations against Syrian civilians unless real pressure from the international community has been exerted. She pointed out that the only option today in front of the Syrian people is to hold fast and resist regime forces and their allied foreign militias.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office / 09.12.2016)