Palestine need your aid

Projects of Nebras Charity
Nebras Charity (Nebras Association for Community Development Foundation), started in 2007,  is working for the poor, children, women in Palestine. One of the projects of the organisation are the special centres for women who need psychologic support; at the same time the organisation want to build a radio broadcasting centre special for women.

Nebras Charity

Light for the poor
In an earlier article we have talked about the work of the organisation for the poor who have no lights. The employees of the organization make a led with a battery, so the people have a light in the dark. In Palestine there are hours without any electricity at all. So any help to have a light is welcome for the Palestinians.

If you want to cooperate with the organisations to give the Palestinians light in the recurring darkness, it is possible to donate money for one or more leds for Palestine.

Batterij Led

The second project of Nebras Charity is the webshop with specific Palestinian products as the Palestinian Flag, scarf, wristband and purse. These articles can be purchased on the site

Please take a look at the site and order what you need of the products of Palestine. In het next weeks there will be more articles added to the site.


Because of the war in 2014 Palestine need aid for repairing their destroyed homes. Given the poor economy and poor forecasts to get a job, Palestinians are dependent on aid. So the organisation need your support for buying materials but also groceries for the Gazans in need.

Nebras Charity1

Eid Aladha
The new initiative is to buy a cow or sheep for the poor for the feast of Eid Aladha. The meat will be distributed to families in need in Deit Beir Elah and Khan Yunis, Gaza Strip.

When the organisation could get $ 2000 together Nebrask will buy a cow and distribute the meat for the poor families; when the amount is $ 500 the organisation will buy a sheep and distribute the meat for the families.


For this project too u can donate your money and support the people who need your aid.

You can send your donation to the paylpal account of the organisation, see the side paypal: and fill in the adress of

or you can donate to Nebras Charity bank account number : 000/0010/002/0067364_0/0602 alquds bank – GAZA

On behalf of the Palestinians who may well use your help, thank you


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