Affidavits on arbitrary abduction of 4 brothers by PA forces

NABLUS, (PIC)– An ex-prisoner from southern Nablus province released affidavits on how he was arrested, along with his three brothers, by the Palestinian Authority (PA) forces last week. Ex-prisoner Fadi Amr said the PA forces stormed the family home a few days after a similar break-in was launched by the Israeli occupation forces and culminated in the abduction of the two brothers Fadi and Tamer. Both Fadi and Tamer were released from Israeli lock-ups a couple of days later. The PA forces stormed the family home on the same day and arrested the four brothers. “The PA forces assaulted our home at 2 a.m. and smashed the entrance gate while we were asleep,” said Fadi Amr in a Facebook post. “After they fired multiple gunshots and aggressively beat us, the PA forces arrested us.” Fadi added that his brothers and himself were released by the PA forces the following day after they claimed the abduction was carried out by mistake. 80 followers of Fadi’s Facebook account slammed the abrupt abduction carried out by the PA apparatuses and expressed their solidarity with the four brothers. Over recent days, the so-called Unit 101 of the PA security apparatuses carried out arbitrary abductions of Palestinian citizens and wreaked havoc on civilian homes in what observers dubbed a barefaced proof of underway security coordination with the Israeli occupation forces across the occupied Palestinian territories.

(Source / 31.07.2016)

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