Nusra finalizing deal with Syrian government to abandon position in southern Damascus

Jabhet al-Nusra, the Syrian al-Qaeda branch, is negotiating with the Syrian government to be granted a safe exit from its besieged bastion in southern Damascus. According to the prospected deal, Nusra militants trapped in Yarmouk Refugee Camp will be transported to the northwestern province of Idlib; one of the biggest strongholds for the ultraconservative group in Syria. The route through which the militants will be relocated is still undisclosed.

This comes after Nusra suffered several blows from its rival jihadi group, namely the Islamic State, which now controls large swathes in the Refugee Camp. On June 27, ISIS stormed al-Ja’ouneh neighborhood after besieging Nusra militants for almost 80 days.

(Source / 13.07.2016)

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