Mufti: The Aqsa, holy site for all Muslims in the world

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein, said that the Aqsa Mosque is a red line and a holy site for all Muslims around the world. He warned of the consequences of Israeli settlers’ aggressive practices against it.  352 Settlers stormed the plazas of the Aqsa Mosque under the protection of Israeli army on Tuesday and Wednesday and performed Talmudic rituals and dances which provoked Muslim worshipers.  The incursion was made in response to incitement made by families of Jewish settlers who were killed in anti-occupation attacks at the hands of the Palestinian resistance in the West Bank.  In a press statement on Wednesday, Sheikh Hussein condemned holding the Israeli funeral at the plazas of the Aqsa Mosque and said it exposes the real intention of the Israeli occupation and proves its violation of its pledge to maintain the status quo at the holy site.  The Grand Mufti, meanwhile, said that the Rabbi’s statements on killing the injured Palestinians and raping non-Jewish women are brutal declaration of violating Palestinians’ sanctity and human rights.

(Source / 13.07.2016)

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