Israeli settler gangs attack Palestinians in Nablus

NABLUS, (PIC)– Israeli settler gangs at predawn on Sunday attacked Palestinian civilians and vehicles in the northern occupied West bank province of Nablus. Eyewitnesses said dozens of Israeli settlers cracked down on Palestinian citizens at the Hawara checkpoint and the Yitzhar crossroads, near the illegal Kadumim settlement, to the southwest of Nablus. A human rights group said the Palestinian citizen Yakoub Sawalheh, from Nablus’ eastern town of Azmout, sustained wounds after he was heavily beaten by the Israeli settlers near the Hawara checkpoint and in the presence of Israeli soldiers. Overnight, the IOF closed the Beit Fourik checkpoint, in eastern Nablus, for over a couple of hours after dozens of extremist settlers flocked to the area and vandalized Palestinian property.

(Source / 03.07.2016)

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