Mizan: Israel uses crossings to blackmail, arrest sick people

Gaza, (PIC)– Mizan Center for Human Rights warned of the fact that Israeli occupation forces use the crossings for blackmailing and arresting sick people of Gaza Strip. Sick people are left deprived of accessing hospitals through Beit Hanoun crossing by refusing or stalling the issuance of passage permits.   The Center pointed out in a statement on Tuesday that a sick citizen and two escorts of other patients were arrested at the crossing.   The statement considered their arrest as violation of the international humanitarian law and paragraph 2 of article 38 of Fourth Geneva Convention which obliges Israeli authorities to provide citizens under occupation with medical treatment and health care at hospital.  The Center also added that Israeli occupation violates human rights standards stipulated for in articles 22 and 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 12 of the international charter of the economic, social and cultural rights.

(Source / 29.06.2016)

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