Alhassan Calls for UN Action to Stop Russia’s Use of Banned Weapons in Syria

Secretary of the Syrian Coalition’s political committee Riyad Alhassan said that Russian air force has been using cluster munitions in attacks on towns and villages in Aleppo. Alhassan called on the United Nations and the UN Security Council to take urgent measures to prevent the use of internationally prohibited weapons against civilians in Syria.

Russian jets on Monday bombed the towns of Huraytan, Hayyan, Anadan, Kafar Hamra, Maaret Alartiq, Urm Alqubra, Messibin, Babees and Anjara in rural Aleppo, killing at least 21 civilians and injuring dozens more. Activists published videos and photos showing the remains of cluster munitions used in airstrikes on rural Aleppo.

Five civilians of one family, including a child, were killed and dozens injured in Russian airstrikes on the neighborhood of Tareeq Albab in Aleppo on Monday.

Alhassan stressed that Russia cannot claim to be a sponsor of the political process while it is carrying out acts that amount to state terrorism in Syria.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 21.06.2016)

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