Turkish association renovates 45 mosques in occupied Palestine

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A Turkish association renovated 45 mosques and over 70 homes in the occupied Palestinian territories, Khales Mutlu, from the Turkish Association for the Protection and Revival of the Ottoman Heritage in Occupied Jerusalem and its Environs, said Sunday. According to Khales Mutlu, 4,000 Palestinian homes need maintenance in the Old City of Occupied Jerusalem.  The Turkish activist spoke out against the hindrances laid by the Israeli occupation to obstruct the maintenance works, including setting up deadlines for the end of renovation activities. Any building which is not renovated within that time limit is automatically subjected to demolition. Mutlu further warned of Israel’s ongoing confiscation of sacred places of worship in old neighborhoods by resorting to such laws as the loss of property law which gives Israel green light to confiscate, demolish, or buy abandoned Palestinian property. He added that Israel prevented the renovation of several sacred places of worship in Haifa and Occupied Jerusalem. Fathiya Qatina, the owner of one of the newly renovated buildings, said her home, which has been a shelter for over five families, was on the verge of collapse. “We did not have enough money to renovate the house. The Israelis wanted to buy it, which we firmly refused,” said the house owner. “I thank the Turkish volunteers for their urgent intervention. Every time I look at the building, I pray for them.”

(Source / 20.06.2016)

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