‘Order to Kill’: Prominent Rabbi Calls for Poisoning Palestinian Water

Illegal Jewish settlers in the West Bank were urged to poison Palestinian water. (Photo: Palestine Solidarity Project)

Illegal Jewish settlers in the West Bank were urged to poison Palestinian water

The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) has denounced a religious decree made by a prominent Jewish rabbi allowing Israeli settlers in the West Bank to poison Palestinian water sources in Palestinian towns in occupied West Bank. The PLO described the decree as “an order to kill”.

This call is not the first of its kind. Price tag Jewish groups have waged dozens of attacks against Palestinians, uprooting their trees, burning their houses and destroying their places of worship.

Rabbi Shlomo Mlma, chairman of the Council of Rabbis in the West Bank settlements, has issued an ‘advisory opinion’ in which he allowed Jewish settlers to poison water in Palestinian villages and cities in the West Bank.


Israeli organisation “Breaking the Silence”, stated that the call for poisoning Palestinian water aims to push the Palestinians to leave and pave the way for Israeli Jewish settlers to take over their lands.

The PLO refused to engage in future talks with Israel until it stops building more housing units on what Palestinians consider the land for their future state.

“This is an incitement and a call for killing the Palestinians,” Wasil Abu Youssef, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, told Anadolu Agency on Sunday. He said such opinions by Jewish rabbis “prove that Israel is not a real peace partner”.


“Dozens of similar orders were made by rabbis that called for killing Palestinians, robbing their lands and farmlands and destroying their property,” he said.

Some 500,000 settlers live in the West Bank settlement. The international community regard the Israeli settlements in the West Bank as illegal. The Israeli government allocates hundreds of millions of dollars annually to expand settlements at the expenses of Palestinians and their resources.

(Source / 19.06.2016)

Dislike: Facebook names Netanyahu’s former advisor ‘head of policy’

Dislike: Facebook names Netanyahu's former advisor 'head of policy'

Binyamin Netanyahu’s longtime senior adviser Jordana Cutler has been named as Facebook’s head of policy and communication in Israel’s latest bid to tackle the BDS movement online.
A longtime senior adviser to Israeli Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been appointed as Facebook’s head of policy and communication in the latest cooperation between the social networking site and the Israeli government to tackle the BDS movement.

Jordana Cutler, also chief of staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington, has joined Facebook’s Israel office to oversee the planning and execution of measures taken to combat BDS campaigns.

Cutler’s new post was applauded by the minister of public security Gilad Erdan, who announced on Thursday a series of legislative measures taken by his government against promoting the boycott of Israel.

“If we want to convince the world that de-legitimation of Israel is something wrong and that there should be consequences, we must start here in Israel,” Erdan was quoted by Israeli media as saying during a conference in Herzliya.

“There will now be a real price to pay for someone working […] to isolate [Israel] from the rest of the world. I set up a legal team, together with the ministry of justice, that will promote governmental legislation on the matter,” Erdan said.

“There has been an advance in dialogue between the state of Israel and Facebook,” he said, “Facebook realises that it has a responsibility to monitor its platform and remove content. I hope it will be regulated for good.”

“We will use legitimate democratic tools to fight this battle. We will make companies shift from being on the attack against Israel to the defence of protecting themselves,” he added.

Facebook Mizbala

[Translation: Meet Facebook’s latest lobbyist for Israel!] 

The BDS movement, which describes itself as a global movement of citizens, advocates for non-violent campaigns of boycotts, divestment and sanctions as a means to overcome the Israeli regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid

Upon its launch in 2005, the campaign was widely ignored and even laughed at, by Israel and its supporters around the world.

But the Jewish state has since been troubled by the wide growing popularity of the movement, whose latest campaign Tov Ramadan raises awareness on Israeli settlement products and encourages people breaking their fast during the month of Ramadan to boycott them.

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Tel Aviv’s Walls around Gaza

Tel Aviv’s Walls around Gaza

The Israeli regime’s siege of the Gaza Strip is going to be further concretized with a 96 km wall that will stretch across the border surrounding the enclave. Already, Palestinians in Gaza are suffering under a blockade that is slowly draining their resources and has stretched thin their livelihoods but clearly this is not enough for the Israelis.

Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth has recently revealed that Tel Aviv is planning to build a massive concrete barrier which will extend both below and above ground under the pretext of preventing Hamas-built tunnels from crossing into the occupied territories.

The project is expected to cost US$568 million. But the price for the Palestinians will be much higher. Indeed the plan will be financially costly for the Israelis but more so for those trapped in Gaza.

In February, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to construct barriers all around the occupied territories that are claimed by the Israeli regime.

“At the end, in the State of Israel, as I see it, there will be a fence that spans it all,” he added. “I’ll be told, ‘This is what you want, to protect the villa?’ The answer is yes. Will we surround all of the State of Israel with fences and barriers? The answer is yes. In the area that we live in, we must defend ourselves against the wild beasts.”

The “beasts” he mentioned, however, are the victims of the Israeli occupation and constant aggression. If the Palestinians are “beasts” as Netanyahu and many other Israelis proclaim, then they are only of their own creation.

Symbolically, the wall will stand as a representation for what the Israeli regime means to Palestinian lives. It is a barrier that separates them from their dreams, freedom, and rights. It is also a concrete manifestation of the Israeli-imposed siege as it blocks their way to the outside world and vice versa. The blockade has been in force for 10 years and has exacted a hefty price from the Palestinians on economic and humanitarian levels.

On top of that, Israeli wars on the strip have caused extensive damage. More than 2,000 Palestinians were killed in the latest war, thousands were left homeless and destitute while the blockade further aggravated the situation in the aftermath of the conflict. To this day, Palestinians in Gaza bear the brunt of these wars.

This would not be the first wall to surround the Gaza Strip and it definitely does not overshadow the existence of the Apartheid Wall that encloses the West Bank.

Yet the blame is always on Hamas, the armed Palestinian resistance group that has refused to acquiesce to the Israeli regime and remain a passive element in the Palestinian fabric. The Israeli regime continues to plan wars, impose restrictions, and build barriers in a bid to bend the Palestinians’ resolve. However, every time they tighten the noose thinking this time it will work, they end up being disappointed by the Palestinians’ determination so they step up their measures and raise the walls a meter or two higher.

(Source / 19.06.2016)

PA fiddles while Palestine dwindles

PA fiddles while Palestine dwindles

In April, President Abbas, true to form, buckled under international pressure to sacrifice the integrity of the land of Palestine on the altar of another bogus ‘peace’ initiative by friends of Israel.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) had been circulating to UN Security Council members a draft resolution condemning Israeli settlements when the French government effortlessly convinced Abbas to cease and desist the demand to protect diminishing Palestinian land being razed for settlement expansion until after France held its Paris talkfest.

Well, the Paris shindig, attended by foreign ministers from  Europe, Arab States and the US has come and gone with notable diplomatic irrelevance. It ended, heedless of the French request for urgent deadlines, with no set timetable for yet another pointless peace stunt later in the year.

Inevitably, Paris impotently administered CPR to the dead two state solution, tokenly stated that the status quo is not sustainable while maintaining the status quo, purposely minimised criticism of Israel, mouthed empty alarm at the violence on the ground, dodged the Right of Return, fantasised about a mythical peace à la Arab Peace Initiative. A further dead giveaway of the inanity of the Paris pretence. was its acknowledgement of the key role of the failed quisling Quartet.

And Paree was flush with anti-Palestine quislings. Of the 26 countries represented, 11* have not recognised the State of Palestine. The host, yes, was the very same France that has no diplomatic relations with the State of Palestine, and is tied with Germany as ‘Europe’s largest exporter of arms to Israel’ (Halper). Not one French bullet nor air-to-ground missile, not one Rafaele fighter jet, nor Mistral helicopter carrier was sold to Palestine. In 2014, during Israel’s monstrous assault on Gaza, France was the first in the world to ban pro-Palestine rallies, even posting details of rallies could incur a year’s imprisonment or a 15,000 Euro fine. France has criminalised BDS under the Lellouche law as an incitement to hatred and anti-semitism which violates the right to freedom of expression once defended popularly and hypocritically by the Charlie Hebdo issue.

Seemingly unfazed by Israel’s destruction (this year alone) of 150 European funded projectsat a loss of a mere $74 million, EU foreign policy head, Federica Mogherini, ‘stressed that the aim of the summit was not to impose terms’. This fits snugly with the EU’s overlooking the terms of the settlement funding ban in the Horizon 2020  agreement with Israel involving, according to Halper, ‘the biggest single R&D budget in the world, which will make €80 billion of funding available over seven years (2014–20)’

The  Arab turncoat delegation included the Arab League, Saudi Arabia (of  killing Yemeni children and  bombing MSF hospital fame), Egypt, Jordan, Morocco all of which are US pawns  thereby no friends of the Palestinian people. The Saudis are France’s top arms client and Jordan, UAE and Egypt (plus Israeli defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman) are manoeuvring for Death-Squad-Dahlan to succeed Abbas ignoring that prison not presidency is Dahlan’s rightful fate.

Double-dealer Ban Ki Moon jibber-jabbered about the need for courageous leadership- a concept that is beyond his ken. UN leadership should have booted out Israel from the UN decades ago for violating international law and  ignoring  dozens of  UN resolutions particularly UNSC Resolution 242  calling for the withdrawal of Israel armed forced  from territories in the 1967 war and 446 that “Determines that the policy and practices of Israel in establishing settlements in the Palestinian and other Arab territories occupied since 1967 have no legal validity and constitute a serious obstruction to achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

The cherry on the top of the quisling pie, was the absent PA (Palestinian and Israeli officials were not invited – go figure!) carrying on the Arafat tradition of fiddling perks while Palestine dwindles. In the mere 6 weeks from the PA suspension of its anti-settlement initiative to the end of the French sham, the Zionists pushed on airbrushing, dunum by dunum, Palestine from the face of the world;

    • Early April Plan No. 901/20 ‘which states the construction of a new bypass roadon lands of Beit Ummer, Halhul and Al Arroub’ was begun.
    • 23-4-16 ‘The Israeli authorities delivered notices to the Palestinian village of Jalud in the northern occupied West Bank, alerting residents that 5,000 dunams (1,250 acres) of private land were slated for confiscation in what appeared to be the retroactive legalization of illegal outposts in the area.’
  • 26-4-16 ‘The committee of sit-inners in Occupied Jerusalem warned on Monday of the seriousness of the Israeli settlement project to build 1,690 new housing units over Qalandya town’s confiscated lands in Occupied Jerusalem.’
  • 1-5-16 ‘Israeli Justice MinisterAyelet Shaked’s plan to apply Israeli laws to Jews living in West Bank settlements,opens way to annex the settlements.’
  • 9-5-16 ‘Israeli ministry of security decided to establish a new settlement close to Shilo settlement for those settlers who will be evacuated from Amona outpost.’
  • 23-5-16 ‘Israeli bulldozers from Bado’ilsettlement on Sunday leveled Palestinian plots of land belonging to Deir Ballut town, west of Salfit province. ‘
  • 24-5-16 ‘Israeli Meyashvei Zion association revealed that a new settlement project is scheduled to be built at the expense of the public park in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Occupied Jerusalem.’
  • 26-5-16 Extremist settler, Yehuda Glick  who aims to destroy the al-Aqsa mosque enters the Knesset.
  • 26-5-16 ‘Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shakedsaid that her government will continue settlement construction and expansion in the West Bank and that more settlers will reside there.’
  • 31-5-16 ‘The Israeli Civil Administration re-mapped over 15,000 acres in the occupied West Bank in an attempt at justifying illegal settlement expansion inside the re-designated areas.’
  • 31-5-16 ‘President Reuven Rivlin ..vowed the West Bank settlement of Ariel would forever remain under Israeli control, despite its location deep inside the West Bank.’
  • 6-3-16 ‘Israeli government endorsed, in a session held in Occupied Jerusalem,the investment of 220 million dollars in settlement projects in Jerusalem over five years under the pretext of “city development”.’

Don’t fool yourself that the Abbas gang are naive or victims of a Zionist-international conspiracy to obliterate Palestine. Victims they are not. They are co-conspirators since signing the Oslo Accords and Paris Protocols in the early nineties.

The PA, intimately familiar with Western and Arab quislings, knew the French farce was doomed to fail the Palestinian people, though cynically on cue Mansour, Erekat, Ashrawi, al Maliki moaned and shed crocodile tears. Yet, a few days before Paris, on 28 May, at the Arab League meeting in Cairo, Abbas agreed in principle to land swaps which he knows areillegal even though there’s precious little left of Palestine to swap thanks to years of two-state negotiations  that Abbas and Netanyahu are keen to resume.

Abbas knows that for 100 years to this very day (and beyond ) the Zionist goal, which has never been compromised, is a Zionist state on the whole of Palestine. It is this goal that drives  the settlement facts on the ground rendering the two state solution an illusion, a deception.

And Abbas and Co hang in there by directing their vicious security militia to protect Zionist interests and expansion by crushing Palestinian resistance and fending off the main threat to Israel, and to fat-cat-PA self-interests— reconciliation i.e. Palestinian unity.

You may wonder why Palestinians in the West Bank don’t stage a coup against the the corrupt  PA/PLO and bring them to trial for treason under the PLO Revolutionary Penal Code 1979 that still applies:

Article 144: Any person who provides the enemy with documents, or is considered to have harmed military actions, or the security of military sites and centres, or any other military institutions shall be punished by death,

Article 148: Any person who leads the enemy to the sites of the revolutionary forces, or the allied forces, or misleads these forces shall be punished by death.

Well, you can ask Hamas affiliated prisoners in Zionist gaols due to PA intelligence sharing with Israel. Or ask the grieving parents of  Adel Jaradat, 19 who was killed on 7th June during a PA raid in Silat Harithya near Jenin. PA security forces, trained by the US, conduct raids identical to Zionist Occupation Forces- and kill identically. Or ask the widow of Omar al-Nayef  conveniently assassinated in the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria. Or ask Kefah Quzmar  tortured and held in solitary confinement  without legal representation by the PA for daring to dissent on Facebook, “Do you know why the mukhabarat [intelligence service] is a rotten agency? Because the entire PA is rotten. Seif al-Idrissi is under arrest! #FreedomforSeif”

Nevertheless, the 6.2 million Palestinians isolated and trapped in the Zionist and PA pincers of brutal oppression have friends. The Palestinian civil society call for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel which champions Palestinian rights and freedoms is activated by international grass roots activism that has rapidly evolved into a powerful resistance structure that Israel is desperate to destroy.

A pan-Palestine BDS joining Palestinians inside historic Palestine with the 6.2 million free diasporan Palestinians, in the spirit of the  Palestinian ‘rejectfenchinitiative’ , could achieve what the PA/PLO has abrogated.

(Source / 19.06.2016)

IS tries to break siege in Libya’s Sirte

Forces loyal to Libya's UN-backed unity government launched an operation to drive Islamic State fighters out of Sirte on May 12.  By Mahmud Turkia (AFP/File)

Forces loyal to Libya’s UN-backed unity government launched an operation to drive Islamic State fighters out of Sirte on May 12

Tripoli (AFP) – The Islamic State group tried Sunday to break a siege on their last holdouts in Sirte but were pushed back by fighters allied to Libya’s unity government, a spokesman said.

IS fighters have been pinned down in parts of Sirte since forces allied to the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) launched an operation to dislodge them from the coastal city last month.

On Sunday pro-GNA forces said they clashed with the jihadists who had launched a bid to break away from positions west of Sirte using “medium-sized” weapons.

“Our forces confronted them and forced them to retreat,” spokesman Reda Issa told AFP.

“Two of our men were killed and five wounded” in the clashes around the Al-Ghrebat sector of Sirte, he said.

Jihadist groups took root in Libya in late 2014, taking advantage of the chaos and power struggles that followed the NATO-backed uprising that toppled and killed dictator Moamer Kadhafi in 2011.

The pro-GNA forces launched an operation to drive IS out of Sirte on May 12.

Last week they imposed a siege around the Mediterranean city and advanced into parts of it but the operation has slowed down with jihadists holed up in residential areas.

“The pro-government forces are advancing cautiously because IS fighters are barricaded inside homes and we are trying to avoid using heavy artillery to spare civilians who could also be inside,” said Issa.

IS has counter-attacked during the past week, including with suicide bombings that have killed at least nine pro-GNA forces.

Issa said the pro-GNA forces were now focused on trying to “bolster their positions on the outskirts of Sirte to reinforce the siege and provoke IS fighters to come out of hiding”.

At least 166 pro-GNA forces have been killed and more than 500 have been wounded since the assault was launched last month, according to an AFP count based on reports from medical officials.

No casualty figures are available for the jihadists in Sirte, 450 kilometres (280 miles) east of the capital.

US officials estimate IS has 5,000 fighters in Libya, most of them in Sirte, where the remaining civilian population numbers around 30,000.

(Source / 19.06.2016)

The death of 792 Individuals Due to the Syrian Regime’s and ISIS’s Siege of Civilian-populated cities

The Responsibility of the United Nations for the siege of civilians in Syria

Siege of Civilian-populated

SNHR issued a research of “the responsibility of the United Nations for the siege of civilians in Syria” which documented the death of 792 individuals due to the siege in all areas by the Syrian regime and ISIS.
The report methodology depended on the accumulated data since 2011 until now as a result of daily observation from SNHR team for the displacement caused by the bombardment and destruction, and through the network of relationships with local communities, medical and media cadres, and the possession of the lists of the victims’ names, photos, and details of the deaths, the names of witnesses and whereabouts. Moreover, SNHR have encountered difficulties that increases every year such as turning off the electricity and telecommunications, threat to security, difficulty of transportation, and the cases of frustration prevailing in the Syrian society.
The report described the siege in Syrian from the definition of the International Humanitarian Law, where the region is considered besieged when the military forces close the crossings, and prevent the accessibility of civilians, the sick people, the food, and medicine.

Fadel Abd Al Ghani, director of SNHR stated:
“The siege has led, in addition to the continuous starvation, bombardment, massacres, and the stoppage of the economical as well as the social life, to the displacement of most of the people in the besieged areas and a number of them paid large amounts of money to smugglers in return for getting out of the “hell”, and this resulted in a change in the structure of these societies continuously, and make it cash free, which leads to the spread of chaos in order to stay Alive; these are some of the objectives of the siege by the Syrian regime, and some of them were implemented up on a sectarian background”.
The report pointed out the consequences of the siege including a murder as the greatest violations among all. Thus, Syrian regime has applied the siege policy systematically, thoughtfully, and for a long-term, depriving the people of entire communities from food and medicine, which caused a serious threat to all those who has chronic diseases. Also, pregnant women suffer the early abortion. A number of children were born and infected with the lack of acute malnutrition and some of them have died so the families were forced to eat plants and pets.
The report documented the death of not less than 558 individuals due to the siege in 14 besieged areas, that are still under siege till now, 552 amongst which were at the hand of government forces and 6 civilians at the hand of ISIS.

According to the report that government forces besieged 11 areas in Syria, while there are 2 areas exposed to joint siege by government forces and ISIS, in addition to one area which exposed to Syrian Democratic Forces( mainly Democratic Union Party, Kurdish Workers party branch).
The report pointed out that the besieged regions exposed to what the regions which are not besieged and out of the regime’s control are exposed to such as bombardment, snipers, targeting using poisonous gases in addition to cluster munitions and barrel bombs as it exposed to not less than 70 attacks using chemical weapons by the government forces while government helicopter dropped not less than 8264 barrel bombs on the besieged areas.
The report recorded the killings of not less than 17145 civilians by the government forces and its allies inside the besieged areas since the beginning of the siege until the moment of making this report.
The report presented the fallacies of the United Nations in the siege case, as the reality in the besieged areas highly contradicts the statistics introduced in the General Secretary report, it is less than three times. Moreover, the areas under siege by the Syrian regime are suffering more than the besieged areas by other parties which it is mainly shown through the bombardment and daily killings processes as well as destruction and massacres.

The report emphasized that there is a lack of equity in the distribution of food aid, where the areas under the control of the Syrian regime take not less than 90% of the total of the aids and this rate was bigger in the previous years. Furthermore, the Syrian regime still requires obtaining its consent to enter the aid to the regions that are besieged and bombarded them and this is an awful paradox.
The report stated that the Syrian regime and ISIS have starkly violated the Humanitarian International Law through exposed the systematic siege of areas which mount to war crime with all its conditions, and assured that the Syrian regime, without any doubt, has violated the resolutions of the security council regarding the siege like the resolution No.2139 which issued on 22 February 2014 and the resolution No.2268 which issued in 22 February 2016, in addition to all resolutions between them (resolution No.2165 which issued on 14 July 2014, the resolution No. 2191 which issued 17 December 2014 and the resolution No. 2258 which issued on 18 December 2015).

The report recommended the United Nations to open comprehensive investigation regarding these allegations and accusations. In the case that the findings of the investigations proved that there was deliberate falsification or incompetency, then it should be publicized and those who were responsible must be held accountable. We urge that this investigation should be launched immediately as the UN credibility have been in doubt for years.
It also demanded the Security Council to apply the resolutions regarding convey of humanitarian aids and to break the siege (the resolutions 2139, 2165, 2191, 2254, 2258) as they are not apply yet.
SNHR called on the secretary of the UN to present a detailed report concerning the besieged areas and their population, how the aids are being distributed and to what areas the aids are being delivered. The report has to published as soon as possible to inform the Syrian community about the details.

View full Report

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Palestinian shot in the back by Israeli forces last month succumbs to wounds


HEBRON (Ma’an) — A young Palestinian man died on Sunday evening after succumbing to wounds he sustained when Israeli forces shot him during clashes in his hometown of Sair in the southern occupied West Bank, his family told Ma’an.Arif Jaradat, 21, who had Down Syndrome, was shot by Israeli soldiers with a live bullet to his back on May 4 when clashes erupted after Israeli forces stormed the Ras al-Aroud area of Sair in Hebron.Ma’an reported at the time that Jaradat had sustained “moderate” injuries, and was taken to al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron city for treatment.The Jaradat family said on Sunday that his funeral would be held on Monday at the “martyrs” cemetery in Sair.Jaradat is one of more than 200 Palestinians, including at least a dozen residents of Sair, to be killed by Israeli forces or settlers since October, many of whom were killed while carrying out individual attacks on Israeli military and settlers, while others died during clashes or unconfirmed circumstances.The Hebron district in particular grew as a flashpoint during the unrest, and the Israeli military has shut down movement in large portions of the district, including Sair. Many restrictions have since been lifted but sporadic closures continue.

Israeli forces have come under repeated criticism for excessive use of force as well as lethal methods of crowd control that often result in death or injury of protesters.
(Source / 19.06.2016)

Fatah, Hamas trade blame for failure of Doha talks

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri

Rival Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas have traded blame for the failure of Doha-hosted talks aimed at implementing a 2014 reconciliation agreement.
“The Doha talks showed that Hamas was not yet ready for national unity and political partnership,” Fatah spokesman Osama al-Qawasmi told Anadolu Agency on Saturday.

He claimed that Hamas movement only cares for resolving the group’s financial difficulties.

“What Hamas has proposed in Doha was only meant to obstruct dialogue and undermine efforts aimed at healing rifts,” he said, giving no further details about the content of Hamas’ proposals during the talks.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri, for his part, blamed Fatah for the failure of the Doha talks.

He said Fatah group, which is led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has pulled back on promises to “revive the Palestinian Legislative Council (parliament) and resolve the problem of Gaza employees, who have no paid for months.

“Fatah insists on imposing the platform of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), which is rejected by Hamas,” he said.

In April of 2014, Hamas and Fatah signed a long-awaited reconciliation agreement that called for the formation of a Palestinian unity government tasked with overseeing Palestinian legislative and presidential polls.

Although the unity government was unveiled two months later, it has yet to take on a governing role in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, while the relationship between the two factions remains beset by a host of longstanding differences.

Representatives of the two rival groups held a series of meetings in Doha in an effort to discuss means of implementing the agreement, but no breakthrough has been made.

(Source / 19.06.2016)

Syria: Palestinians pay exorbitant money to leave the country

DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Palestinian popular committees and groups have said that the Syrian military authorities do not allow the Palestinian refugee living in their territory to travel outside the country without paying large sums of money. In a statement, those committees and groups explained that each Palestinian refugee, has to pay more than 50,000 Syrian pounds as well as bribes in order to receive a military service deferment and a travel permit. Both the Syrian citizens and the Palestinian refugees cannot travel before they receive a temporary exemption for four months from compulsory military service, according to a diktat issued by the recruiting administration of the Syrian regime. According to activists, military police officers and armed men loyal to the regime of Bashar al-Asad deployed at checkpoints outside Damascus recently arrested several Palestinian and Syrian young men who did not have military service deferments.

(Source / 19.06.2016)

Military Commander: Saleh Received U.S.-Weapons and Handed them over to Houthis

Houthi militants stand guard near a gathering held by Houthi loyalists in Yemen's capital Sanaa March 9, 2016, Reuters

Houthi militants stand guard near a gathering held by Houthi loyalists in Yemen’s capital Sanaa March 9, 2016

Jeddah- Leader of the fourth military district Brig.Gen Ahmad Saif revealed that weapons used by Houthi and pro-Saleh militias (armed militants supporting ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh) are the same stock content offered by the U.S. in its mission to fight terrorism in Yemen.

The artillery was deployed at the time when Saleh was still in term, ruling Yemen. The U.S. administration aimed at supporting the mission on forming counter-terrorism units in Yemen. After delivery, the arms were stockpiled in Sana’a as to become of use once the counter-terrorism units are established, Brg.Gen. Saif told Asharq Al Awsat newspaper.

Brig. Saif added that the arms are estimated to be worth 500-million dollars, and most military officials were left unaware off, until the guns showed up in the battles.

Houthis, exploiting the artillery, randomly started using them first against civilians and later on against the Yemeni army. The guns are notably modern and developed. In their alliance with the ousted President, Houthi militias took over the 500-million-dollar stash of weapons.

The first usage of the high-caliber weaponry was noted at the fourth military district located south of Yemen. However, Yemeni military sources from all across frontiers have reported that the arms are gradually showing up in most battles.

Moreover, Brig. Gen. Saif pointed out that other than the acquired collection of U.S.- arms, Houthis are using a wide array of weapons. Anti-tank missiles (ATM) , Russian arms and modern day 12.7 caliber snipers are appearing in the insurgency’s hands during battles.

Nevertheless Brig. Gen. Saif confirmed that the perseverance of Yemen’s national army will not seize. Supported by the Popular Resistance, pro-legitimacy forces will continue with accomplishing victories and progress as to restore Yemen, Brig.Saif said.

(Source / 19.06.2016)