IOF arrests 3 Palestinians in Jenin, Nablus

JENIN, (PIC)–The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrested Wednesday afternoon three Palestinians from Nablus and Jenin to the north of the West Bank. A young man was detained at make-shift military checkpoint at the entrance to Jenin city. Several Palestinian vehicles were stopped and searched at the checkpoint. Another local resident was rounded up after being summoned for investigation in Salem military camp. Meanwhile, a third young man was arrested near Kablan town, south of Nablus, and taken to an unknown detention center.

(Source / 15.06.2016)

Israel approves controversial counter-terrorism bill

Joint List MPs have slammed law as ‘draconian’, calling it ‘dark day for the Knesset’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs weekly cabinet meeting in his Jerusalem office on 13 June

Israel’s parliament approved a controversial counterterrorism bill on Wednesday that will give security services greater powers to detain and prosecute people in Israel.

The bill, which only applies in Israel and not in the West Bank, will make it possible for “passive members” of groups classified as terrorist organisations to be indicted.

The defence minister will also be able to confiscate property believed to belong to outlawed groups, without seeking judicial approval.

The law was supported by all political parties except the leftist Meretz party and the Joint List, made up mainly of MPs representing Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The measure is “draconian, expands the authority of the security forces and occupation authorities, in order to undermine the right to oppose the crimes of the occupation,” Joint List MPs Ahmad Tibi and Osama Saadi said in a joint statement.

“The law does not define what terror is and represents a stain on the State of Israel’s horrifying law books. Indeed this is a dark day for the Knesset.”

The law sets out specific sentences for anyone convicted of links with groups classified as terrorist organisations in Israel.

Leaders will get 25 years in jail, or a life sentence if their group has committed a deadly attack. Being convicted of membership in an outlawed group will be punishable by five years in jail, while failing to report a possible attack will carry a sentence of three years.

A large number of Palestinian groups, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are classified as terrorist organisations in Israel, as is the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and, most controversially, the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO).

Joint List chairman Aymah Odeh said that the law was so broad that Israel itself could be considered to be breaking it, given that Israel carries out security cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and members of the PLO, Haaretz reported.

Senior Fatah figure banned

The bill comes exactly a week after four Israelis were killed and dozens of others wounded when two Palestinian attackers from the West Bank opened fire on a cafe and busy market area in Tel Aviv.

After the attack, Israel’s new far-right Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman enacted a sweeping crackdown, sending military reinforcements to the West Bank and cancelling entry permits for more than 80,000 Palestinians who were planning to visit Israel or East Jerusalem during the holy month of Ramadan.

Earlier on Wednesday, Lieberman revoked the travel permit of Mohammed al-Madani, a senior Fatah official who is seen as being close to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and also chairs the Committee for Interaction With Israeli Society.

According to Lieberman, Madani has been banned for conducting “subversive activity within Israeli society that included an attempt to establish political parties”.

“Madani tried to work with Israeli Bedouin and with Jews,” which is not acceptable for a foreign party, Lieberman said, while accusing Madani of trying to foster ties with Mizrahi Jews, who traditionally hail from the Middle East.

Madani’s office slammed the ban as “racist” and said the reaction showed how far Israel was from making “any attempt to reach a fair and comprehensive peace in the region”.

Netanyahu’s defence ‘games’

While Israel’s opposition Zionist Union has come out in support of Wednesday’s bill, its leader Isaac Herzog has locked horns with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of “playing games” during a 10-month-long negotiation with the US about increasing military aid.

“We’re losing a critical portion of the defence aid because of Netanyahu’s egotistical games,” Herzog said in a statement posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Should Israel be left without an aerial defence system in the next war, we can set up the commission of inquiry into how Netanyahu makes decisions related to Israel’s security.”

At present Israel receives $3bn in military aid from the US yearly, but the current deal runs out in 2018, with the two countries wrangling over a follow-up deal since last year.

Herzog’s statement comes after US President Barack Obama announced his opposition to Israel receiving $455m in additional military aid in next year’s budget and in a six-page letter to Congress that said the White House might veto the move.

Netanyahu lashed out at the criticism, calling it “inappropriate”, and insisting that Israel would not see military aid reduced, but that it was merely negotiating the size of the increase.

(Source / 15.06.2016)

Limited Israeli incursion east of Rafah

GAZA, (PIC)– Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Wednesday advanced into Palestinian lands to the east of Rafah, in southern Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip, and leveled lands amid hovering of army choppers. Local sources told Quds Press that four Israeli military bulldozers advanced into lands to the east of Rafah for a limited distance estimated at 70 meters.    Four Israeli military vehicles were stationed at the military gate north of Rafah while two bulldozers and a huge military digger advanced into the border line near al-Farahein area amid hovering of army choppers, the sources added.  The Israeli army moved a number of diggers, which were working inside the security fence in 1948 Occupied Palestine, to eastern Rafah where digging works are taking place inside the fence, a field observer told Quds press.  The Israeli incursions at the Gaza border areas are conducted on a semi-daily basis leading to casualties and big losses among locals. The attack is another episode in the series of Israeli violations of the Cairo-brokered truce accord signed on August 26, 2014 in the wake of the Israeli aggression on the besieged coastal enclave, which killed over 2,300 Palestinians, mostly civilians.

(Source / 15.06.2016)

Hamas senior official reportedly defects to Israel

A Haaretz report suggests that the official, Bassam Mahmoud Baraka, has extensive knowledge of Gaza’s tunnels

Tunnels were among the most feared weapons of Hamas fighters during the 2014 conflict

A senior member of Hamas’ armed wing, Bassam Mahmoud Baraka, defected to Israel, according to a Haaretz report on Tuesday.

The report sources a number of different Fatah-affiliated news outlets claiming that Barak fled to Israel and that he has extensive knowledge of Gaza’s tunnels.

Baraka, the son of a Hamas judge, allegedly left home to conduct errands, but has not returned since.

The Haaretz article said that he travelled to the border and turned himself in. He reportedly carried a laptop.

The Red Cross told Baraka’s family in Gaza that he is in Israeli custody, according to the report.

The Fatah websites sourced in the Haaretz story claim that this does not mark the first time that Hamas members entered Israeli custody.

In May, a 17-year-old Hamas member captured by Israel allegedly divulged Gaza tunnel activities. He reportedly told Israel that Hamas has been digging tunnels for a planned attack as well as the location for emergency escape tunnels.

Israel’s internal security apparatus, Shin Bet, announced last week that a Hamas official arrested back in April provided information regarding how tunnels are dug. That person was arrested for crossing the Gaza fence and possessing two knives.

Tunnels were among the most feared weapons of Hamas fighters during the 2014 conflict.

Hamas’s Gaza leader, Ismail Haniyah, said in May that the group was “not calling for a new war,” but would not accept Israeli incursions into Palestinian territory.

(Source / 15.06.2016)

SADAQA in Ramadan (second time)


My dear brothers and sisters,

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The organisation works on starting special centres for women for psychologic support and a radio broadcasting centre special for women.

But Nebras Charity is also working for the poor who have no lights. The organisation makes a led with a battery, so the people have a light in the dark.

13313408_243872905984266_2069721009_o  13334474_243873169317573_1370447450_o

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12-year-old Palestinian among several injured in IOF sweep

WEST BANK, (PIC)– A number of Palestinian civilians were injured and others were arrested by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in an abduction sweep launched across the West Bank at dawn Wednesday. The Israeli occupation army claimed responsibility for the abduction of 12 allegedly wanted Palestinians at the crack of dawn, 11 among whom arrested on allegations of anti-occupation activism. The campaign targeted the West Bank provinces of Nablus, Qalqilya, Ramallah, and Bethlehem. A Palestinian citizen choked on teargas in Qlaqilya during clashes with the IOF in al-Nakar neighborhood. According to a PIC news correspondent, heavily-armed IOF patrols rolled into the area at predawn time and attacked the Palestinians with heavy spates of teargas canisters and stun grenades, resulting in several suffocation cases. The IOF soldiers wreaked havoc on civilian homes before they kidnapped four Palestinians, including the lecturer at the Islamic University Bilal Hanun.  Nablus-based sources also said the Palestinian youth Saleh Abu al-Anad sustained injuries in the Balata refugee camp after he was hit by an Israeli patrol jeep. Red Crescent crews who treated the casualty identified the inflicted stomach wounds as critical. The injured youth was later evacuated to the Rafidia hospital for urgent treatment. The IOF kidnapped another youth from the Askar refugee camp shortly after they stormed the area and ravaged civilian homes. Youngster Younes Kuni was also kidnapped from his family home in Kfar Kalil village, to the south Nablus. The campaign culminated in the abduction of four Palestinians from the southern West Bank province of al-Khalil. A 12-year-old Palestinian child sustained injuries in his face shortly after the IOF raided Yatta town and showered the area with rubber bullets. The occupation soldiers in 30 army jeeps further rolled into al-Hila neighborhood, in Yatta, and broke into the home of prisoner Khaled Muhammad Mussa Mukhamreh, who carried out a shooting attack in Tel Aviv on June 8. The IOF notified the projected demolition of the Mukhamreh family home on June 20. The IOF soldiers have been cordoning off Yatta town for over a week’s time as part of a policy of collective punishment against Palestinian anti-occupation youths and their families. Four more Palestinians were kidnapped by the IOF following assaults on Ramallah and Bethlehem provinces.

(Source / 15.06.2016)

PA forces assault ex-prisoner’s mother, arrests 6 citizens

As part of its security coordination with Israel

WEST BANK, (PIC)– The Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces brutally assaulted Tuesday evening an ex-prisoner’s mother before arresting his father in al-Khalil. Five more arrests were carried out in the occupied West Bank. Local sources in Yatta town in al-Khalil affirmed that PA security forces stormed the home of ex-prisoner Mohamed Amour and brutally attacked his mother before arresting his father. The violent raid came shortly after Israeli occupation forces lifted the complete closure on the town, the sources pointed out. During the raid, PA forces violently searched the house and confiscated a lap top. The ex-prisoner Mohamed Amour was released only a week ago from Israeli jails where he spent 22 months in administrative detention. Along the same line, the PA Preventive Security launched a raid and search campaign in Dura town, south of al-Khalil.   At least five detainees were rounded up during the campaign including four ex-prisoners. In Nablus, PA Preventive Security continued to detain the young man Osama Ordonia for more than 4 months. The two ex-prisoners Amjed Zamel and Riyad al-Nadi are still also detained in PA jails for 23 days. The PA political arrests come as part of its security coordination with the Israeli occupation authorities.

(Source / 15.06.2016)

De kracht van Du’a!

Allah lof zij aan Allah onze Barmhartige Heer. Hij Die ervan houdt om gevraagd te worden en de smeekbeden van Zijn dienaren verhoort.

Eén van de meest vrome daden die je als moslim kunt verrichten is Du’a; het aanroepen van Allah de meest Verhevene. Allah zegt:

Jullie Heer zei: roep Mij aan en Ik verhoor jullie. [40:60]

En de profeet vrede zij met hem zei:

“Du’a dat is dé aanbidding.” [Tirmidhi]

Het aanroepen van Allah was één van de gewoontes van de profeten. Zoals Allah bijvoorbeeld vertelt over de profeet Ayoub vrede zij met hem:

“En (gedenkt) Ayoub toen hij zijn Heer aanriep (en zei:) “Voorwaar, tegenspoed heeft mij getroffen en U bent de Barmhartigste der Barmhartigen. Toen verhoorden Wij hem en hieven de tegenspoed voor hem op.” [21:83,84]

Deze aanbidding mag alleen naar Allah de meest Verhevene worden gericht. Wie zijn smeekbede richt tot iets of iemand anders dan Allah, begaat shirk. Dat is dé grootste zonde.

Er zijn geen tussenpersonen tussen ons en Allah, daarom richten wij ons direct tot Hem. Allah zegt:

“En wanneer Mijn dienaren jou (O Mohammed) vragen stellen over Mij: voorwaar, Ik ben nabij (met Zijn kennis), Ik verhoor de smeekbede van de smekende wanneer hij Mij smeekt. Laten ze aan mij gehoor geven en in mij geloven opdat zij rechtgeleid zullen zijn.” [2:186]

De Du’a heeft bepaalde (aanbevolen) manieren:

  • De Du’a beginnen met het prijzen van Allah en het uitspreken van vrede zegeningen over de profeet.
  • Handen opheffen tijdens de Du’a.
  • De Du’a herhalen en aandringen op datgene wat wordt gevraagd.
  • Nederigheid en concentratie (i.e. niet afdwalen in gedachte tijdens de smeekbede).
  • Wodoe hebben.
  • Je wenden tot de Qiblah.

Ook is het aanbevolen om Du’a te verrichten voor jouw medemoslims, met name buiten hun weten om. Want in een authentieke overlevering staat dat een engel dan zegt:

“Amin, en voor jou is er het soortgelijke”.  [Sahih Moslim]

Er zijn bepaalde tijden waarop de smeekbede extra wordt verhoord. Deze zijn o.a.:

  • Laatste derde deel van de nacht (nacht is de tijd tussen magreb en fajr).
  • Tussen de adhaan en iqama van het verplichte gebed.
  • Tijdens de sodjoed (wanneer het voorhoofd op de grond is tijdens het gebed).
  • Aan het einde van het gebed, vóór de tasleem (de groet links en rechts).
  • Op vrijdag, en dan met name vóór zonsondergang.
  • Bij het drinken van zamzam.
  • Wanneer je op reis bent.
  • Wanneer het regent.
  • Wanneer jou onrecht is aangedaan.

Ook zijn er bepaalde zaken die het beantwoorden van de Du’a in de weg staan. Deze zijn de zondes in het algemeen en het bezitten en gebruikmaken van verboden (verworven) inkomsten in het specifiek.

De voorkeur gaat uit naar het verrichten van Du’a met de smeekbedes die zijn overgeleverd in de Koran en sunnah, aangezien deze al het goede van dit wereldse leven en het hiernamaals bevatten. Dit neemt echter niet weg dat een persoon een andere Du’a verricht dan is overgeleverd wanneer daar aanleiding tot is. De Du’a mag ook in eigen taal worden verricht, voor diegene die de Arabische taal niet machtig is.

Een van drie
Wanneer de gelovige Allah aanroept, dan krijgt die een van de drie volgende zaken, zoals dat in een authentieke overlevering staat:

  1. Hij krijgt datgene waarvoor hij Du’a heeft gedaan.
  2. In de plaats van datgene wat hij heeft gevraagd, wordt iets van het slechte soortgelijk aan de Du’a van hem afgewend.
  3. De beloning voor de Du’a wordt voor hem bewaard en hij krijgt deze op de Dag des Oordeels.

Toen de metgezellen van de profeet deze overlevering hoorden, zeiden zij: Dan zullen we veel Du’a verrichten! Hierop zei de profeet: ِ’Allah’s (barmhartigheid en gunst) is meer (dan wat jullie van Hem vragen)!’

Uit de voorgaande overlevering maken we op hoe enorm de barmhartigheid van Allah is en dat Hij Zijn dienaren niet met lege handen achterlaat. En dat het niet noodzakelijk is dat we datgene krijgen waarnaar we vragen in onze Du’a en dat dat ook niet betekent dat de Du’a niet is verhoord.

Allah de meest Verhevene is de Alwijze en de Alwetende. Hij heeft kennis van wat is geweest en wat zal komen. Vaak wensen wij iets vurig terwijl datgene in werkelijkheid niet goed voor ons is, hoe moeilijk dat soms ook in te beelden is. Vaak wensen we iets spoedig, terwijl het juiste moment voor datgene wat we vragen nog nog niet is aangebroken en Allah het verhoren van de smeekbede daarom uitstelt.

De gelovige ontdoet zich van al datgene wat het beantwoorden van de Du’a in de weg kan staan, zoals verboden (verworven) inkomsten en verricht Du’a. Hij herhaalt deze, dringt aan bij Allah, gaat ervan uit dat deze wordt verhoord en wanhoopt niet. De profeet vrede zij met hem zei: “Jullie smeekbedes worden verhoord zolang jullie niet haastig zijn.” Daarop vroegen de metgezellen wat met ‘haastig zijn’ wordt bedoeld. Hierop zei de profeet: “Jullie verrichten smeekbeden en vervolgens zeggen jullie ‘mijn smeekbede is niet verhoord’ en laten jullie het verrichten van Du’a.” [Sahih Muslim]

Beste broeders en zusters

De gelovige verlangt naar de gunsten van Allah en Zijn barmhartigheid en vraagt Hem continu en vertrouwt erop dat zijn Heer hem datgene geeft wat goed voor hem is. De gelovige beseft zich, wanneer hij Allah vraagt, dat hij Degene vraagt in Wiens Handen de heerschappij van de hemelen en aarde is en Die barmhartiger voor ons is dan wij voor onszelf zijn. De profeet vrede zij met hem overlevert van zijn Heer dat Hij zei:

“O Mijn dienaren, als de gehele schepping van begin tot eind, en zowel de mensen als de djinn (geesten), allen bijeen zouden komen op een uitgestrekte vlakte en iedereen zou Mij iets vragen, zou Ik iedereen datgene geven wat die wenst zonder dat dit ook maar iets van Mijn heerschappij vermindert! [Sahih Muslim]

Een fout die velen van ons maken, is dat wanneer zij ergens mee zitten, zij overal aankloppen voor hulp en vergeten Allah te vragen. Hij Die wanneer Hij iets wilt, er ‘wees’ tegen zegt en het is!

En dit terwijl wij in elke rak’ah (eenheid van het gebed) surah al-fatiha reciteren en in het vierde vers zeggen wij: “Alleen U aanbidden wij en alleen U vragen wij om hulp.”

Kan iets of iemand anders dan Allah de tegenspoed die jou heeft getroffen, wegnemen? Allah zegt:

“En als Allah jou met tegenspoed treft dan is er niemand die het kan wegnemen, behalve Hij.” [10: 107]

Alleen al de zoetheid en de verlichting voor het hart die het aanroepen van Allah met zich meebrengt is voldoende reden om het jouw gewoonte te maken.

Gezegend is degene die deze gezegende dagen en nachten aangrijpt om Allah al het goede van dit wereldse leven en het hiernamaals te vragen. Hij die ervan houdt om gevraagd te worden.

Stuur het door; “Wie aanspoort tot het goede, heeft dezelfde beloning als degene die ernaar handelt.” [Sahih Muslim]

Abulfadl / Student aan de Universiteit van Medina, Saudi Arabië.

10 Ramadan 1437 / – 15 juni 2016 –

Take action: New alert on imprisoned human rights defender Hasan Safadi

hasansafadiFront Line Defenders has issued an action alert for Hasan Safadi, the Palestinian journalist and human rights defender who works as the Arabic media coordinator forAddameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. The organization works internationally to highlight the cases of human rights defenders at risk and confronting repression.

Safadi, 24, a Jerusalemite Palestinian, was ordered on Friday, 10 June to six months in administrative detention without charge or trial. He has been imprisoned since 1 May, when he was arrested by Israeli occupation forces as he crossed the Karameh bridge from Jordan to Palestine’s West Bank, while returning from an Arab youth conference in Tunisia. From 1 May until 10 June he was held under interrogation at al-Moskobiya interrogation center in Jerusalem. On 10 June, he had been scheduled for release and his family had already paid a bail amount.

However, instead, he was ordered to administrative detention, Israeli imprisonment without charge or trial, one of approximately 750 Palestinians imprisoned on the basis of “secret evidence.” Administrative detention orders – issued, in Safadi’s case as a Jerusalemite, by Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman – are indefinitely renewable.

Addameer issued a profile detailing Safadi’s case and his experience under interrogation. “Under the forty-day interrogation, Hasan Safadi was subjected to sleep deprivation, long interrogation sessions, being placed into stress positions with hands tied throughout the interrogation, threats, shouting, and lack of adequate food. Additionally, he was denied access to an attorney for 10 days (12 – 22 May 2016) as well as family visitation. As a result, his family was unable to see him until 07 June 2016 during a court hearing.”

Take action at Front Line Defenders:

(Source / 15.06.2016)

Turkish Electric Company to be Established in Gaza

15 JUN
5:28 PM

According to Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth (Ynet), new agreements between Turkey and Israel included the allowance of Ankara, by Israel, to establish a new electricity company in the Gaza Strip.

Ynet, on Tuesday morning, said that both parties have reached a new settlement in which Israel finally refrained from its request to expel Hamas from Turkey. The aim is to prevent Hamas from attacking Israel.

Turkey also refrained from its demand to lift the siege completely after Israel agreed to allow the establishment of a new electricity company, and to supply the Gaza Strip with goods.

The paper added, according to Al Ray, that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu persuaded Defense MinisterAvigdor Lieberman not to oppose the agreement with Turkey.

Born in Moldova, Lieberman is one of the only foreign ministers in the world who does not live in territory officially recognized as his own country. Originally under suspicion over charges of money-laundering and bribery, Lieberman was formally indicted in December of 2012, on lesser charges of fraud and breach of trust.

His party was recently the focus of a corruption probe within the Israeli political spectrum, and, more recently, Lieberman’s life was threatened with an assassination attempt.

See: 05/20/16 Israeli Prime Minister replaces Defense Minister with Rightwing Zealot

Ynet added that a meeting might between the two parties, to complete the agreement, is to be expected before an official announcement is made.

(Source / 15.06.2016)