Naif buried in Bulgaria

After 100 days of his assassination

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Hundreds of Palestinians and Arabs in the Bulgarian capital Sofia marched Friday in the funeral of Omar al-Naif who was assassinated by Israeli Mossad in the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria last February. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) had earlier called on the Arab and Palestinian community and supporters of Palestinian cause to participate in the funeral. Naif’s body was buried in Sofia cemetery before a farewell ceremony was held by his family and close friends. The Palestinian ex-prisoner was assassinated in February in the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria where he had taken refuge two months earlier after Israel requested his extradition. The PFLP also called on the Palestinian people in West Bank and occupied Jerusalem to participate in the symbolic funeral scheduled to be held in Jenin for Naif. A similar symbolic funeral is planned to be held in Gaza. Naif’s family had refused to bury his body in his hometown for fear that it would be confiscated by the Israeli authorities. The Israeli authorities had arrested Naif in April 1986 for allegedly participating in the killing of an Israeli settler. After being sentenced to life in prison and serving four years, Naif went on hunger strike for 40 days, after which he was transferred to a hospital in Bethlehem. On 20 May 1990, he escaped and disappeared. He lived in a number of Arab countries after escaping imprisonment until 1994, when he traveled to Bulgaria and settled there. He was married and had three children, and his wife and children all have Bulgarian citizenship. He was granted permanent residency in the country.

(Source / 10.06.2016)

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