Palestinian prosecution freezes assets of company funded by Dahlan

File photo of Mohamed Dahlan

File photo of Mohamed Dahlan

Palestine News and Information Agency (WAFA) reported that the Palestinian Deputy Attorney General Ahmad Barak has issued a decision to freeze the assets of the international company Al-Sarina for Trade and Investment, owned by Fadi Ahmed Hussain Al-Salameen, in accordance with Palestinian law.

WAFA quoted Barak in a press statement issued yesterday saying: “Reports and investigations from specialised parties indicate that Al-Sarina, owned by Al-Salameen, received money transfers from Al Thuraya Investment Company, funded by Mohammed Dahlan. These transfers amount to over $2 million.”

According to WAFA, Barak said: “Al-Salameen established and registered the company in Palestine in an effort to deliver suspicious funds into the country.”

He also noted that the company has not practiced any actual trade or investment activity in Palestine since its establishment. Its account activity was limited to receiving transfers from Al-Thuraya.

Barak stressed that these transferred funds were used to buy property in the Jerusalem’s Old City, but he does not know who will own these properties.

The attorney general stated that the decision to freeze the assets is in preparation for continuing the investigations, according to the rule of law.

(Source / 01.06.2016)

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