Hamas: We wager on the Saudi role in ending Gaza siege

BEIRUT, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement has said that it is wagering on an Arab role led by Saudi Arabia and Egypt in ending the blockade on the Gaza Strip, affirming that its regional relations are going in the right way. “Hamas’s relations with Egypt are moving reasonably well, even though they should be faster than that,” director of the Movement’s international relations Osama Hamdan stated in press remarks to Quds Press. “The strain [in the relations with Egypt] has dropped considerably, we hope that the relationship will reach a good level, especially that the Palestinian cause needs support from everyone, and Egypt’s role in this regard is indispensable,” Hamdan said. The Hamas official also highlighted the improving relations between his Movement and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and Saudi Arabia in particular, pointing to a planned visit to be made by Hamas’s political leader Khaled Mishaal to Saudi Arabia, without specifying a date for it. Replying to a question about the Saudi role in ending Gaza siege, Hamdan stressed that the Palestinians need an all-out Arab effort in this regard. “With regards to ending the blockade, there is no doubt that we need a comprehensive Arab effort because the party that is besieging Gaza is the occupation, and there is international support for this siege led by the US,” he underlined. “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a pivotal role in the effort to end this protracted blockade,” he added. As for the relations with Iran, the Hamas official said that his Movement’s ties with Iran are always based on its support for the Palestinian resistance. “Hamas’s relationship with Iran is in a comfortable position for both parties, and we hope that it will have a positive impact on supporting the resistance,” he stated.

(Source / 29.04.2016)

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