Kurdish National Council Urges Syrians to Boycott Assad’s Parliamentary Elections

The Kurdish National Council called on Syrians from all political, ethnic, and religious backgrounds to boycott the parliamentary elections announced by the Assad regime.

The Council stressed that the insistence of the Assad regime on holding the so-called legislative elections in a blatant defiance of the international community is clearly designed to disrupt the Geneva negotiations.

The Assad regime also tries to evade engaging seriously in the negotiations, to thwart the formation of a transitional government body and holding parliamentary and presidential elections in accordance with the Geneva Communiqué of 2012, the Council added.

The Council slammed the regime’s intention to hold “parliamentary elections” as a provocative move after over five years of killing, destruction and displacement against the Syrian people and after more than half of the population is now displaced inside and outside Syria.

The Council added that the Assad regime is seeking to undermine efforts aimed at finding a political solution in Geneva that would lead to a genuine political transition towards freedom, justice, dignity and true democracy.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 11.04.2016)

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