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PALESTINE POST: Briefing Feb. 6, 2016

Palestine Post brings you live, breaking news and daily briefings on Israeli war crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)

1. Attempted Murder at an Illegal Israeli Checkpoint

A Palestinian youth was shot and injured by the Israeli occupation troops. Tel Aviv accuses him of stabbing an Israeli soldier near the central bus station in Ashkelon city, in western 1948 Occupied Palestine, on Sunday morning. But we doubt those accusations. Knife stabbing is the most common cover-up for the new Zionist “shoot to kill” policy, which seemingly exempts Israeli’s from all punishment for their Extrajudicial Executions of Palestinians.


2. Solidarity Campaign in UK 

pppSit-in tents were pitched Saturday by the Palestinian Assembly in Germany (PAG) across German cities in solidarity with hunger-striking journalist, al-Qeiq, and in protest at Israeli crimes against Palestinian children.

3. #FreeAlQeeq

Israeli doctors say that Palestinian hunger striker Muhammad al-Qeiq could die at any minute after 74 consecutive days of hunger strike at Afula hospital.


4. Israeli Invasion of the OPT

pppEight Palestinians Saturday evening were injured in severe clashes in Qabatya town to the south of Jenin city.


5. New Israeli Settlement Plan


Iroshalim Hebrew newspaper disclosed a new settlement project plan to be constructed over a land owned by a Greek Orthodox Church in Abu Tour district in eastern occupied Jerusalem.

6. Gaza Resistance Tunnels

pppIsrael’s energy minister Yuval Steinitz called for following the Egyptian model of flooding Gaza border in order to find out and destroy resistance tunnels.


7. Amnesty International Statement

Amnesty International on Friday called for the release of 17-year-old Palestinian Muhammad al-Hashlamoun, one of two minors the group says Israel is holding without charge or trial under administrative detention.



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