Kurdish YPG Militias Prevent Fact-finding Mission from Entering Tal Abyad

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units militias (YPG) on Monday blocked entry of members of the fact-finding committee to the border town of Tal Abyad. The committee was set up by the Syrian Coalition in collaboration with the Interim Ministry of Justice, civil society organizations and rights groups.

This came after numerous attempts by the committee to enter the town. It previously made a formal request to the Turks and to the YPG, which has recently taken control of the border crossing from the Syrian side. It was expected that the fact-finding committee would enter Tal Abyad and the surrounding villages to assess the situation and listen to testimonies from residents about the incidents that accompanied driving ISIS out of the town.

About 2,000 Syrian refugees who fled into Turkey crossed back Monday as a border gate reopened a few days after ISIS militants were ousted from the frontier town of Tal Abyad.

The fact-finding committee accompanied the returnees at the border crossing to ensure they return to their villages.

The committee began its work on Saturday and met with dozens of displaced families from the town of Tal Abyad and the surrounding villages to assess the situation and the conditions that accompanied their fleeing from their homes. It is working on drafting a report summarizing the events that occurred during the past few days.

(Source: Syrian Coalition / 22.06.2015)

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