Shireen Issawi to start another hunger strike

Prisoner, Shirin Issawi

Prisoner, Shirin Issawi

Prisoner Shirin Issawi announced that she will begin an open-ended hunger strike in protest of her isolation and detention conditions in Israel’s Ramla prison, private sources told the Voice of Prisoners radio station yesterday.

According to the sources, Issawi’s is taking action in the hope that the Israeli prison authorities will allow her family to visit her. Her family have been denied access to her for two months.

Issawi’s other demands include allowing her to receive some personal items like clothing and clean bedding set as well as some electric devices like a TV set, a fan and a radio.

Israeli authorities transported Issawi from HaSharon prison to an isolation facility under the pretext that she incited other prisoners. They also placed four prisoners in solitary confinement after a prison guard attacked prisoner Ihsan Dababseh.

Issawi, 35, was detained on 3 June last year. She is the sister of Samer and Medhat Issawi who are borth being held in Israeli jails.

(Source / 18.16.2015)

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